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Are you one of the many online publishers using WordPress? As your blog or site grows you’ll need to decipher which hosting solution benefits you the most. We won’t keep you in suspense: Cloud Hosting IS the answer. This post is here to explain why.

Hello WordPress


WordPress is the ultimate in user friendly blogging and CMS platforms. The fact is, WP is an open source godsend that has made it possible for millions of people–most with little to no web design and development experience–the opportunity to customize a website to fit their needs and vision.

Themes, plugins and widgets are changing the way web newbies and techie experts alike design online content. And as WP enters into its tenth year, we should see even more developments that make publishing web content easy and accessible to the masses.

WordPress, Meet the Cloud

The term cloud is thrown around all over the place these days. It certainly wins the award for most popular marketing buzzword in 2013, anyway (funny enough, its such a buzzword it’s made the term buzzword a buzzword in the blogosphere, believe it or not). But I digress.

Anyway, just remember that the “cloud” is just that: a trendy term.

What cloud computing really means is that accessing data can now be done very easily over the Internet, rather than on your computer’s hard drive. So rather than downloading software and tech resources locally, it is available in an overarching network that spans the Internet. This makes life easier for both IT wizards and common folk.

So what does this mean for WordPress users? The four S’s: Speed, Scale, Support, and Security.

WordPress + Cloud = <3

Some bloggers and marketers try to call out hosting companies for making the concept of the cloud seem too “magical”, alluding that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. They’re wrong. WordPress hosting in the cloud is a match made in heaven.

  • Security: As mentioned above, WordPress is extremely popular. Thus, hackers find it pretty alluring. The great thing is, our WP cloud hosting is offered with: redundant firewalls, DDoS protection, custom firewall rules, malware scanning, and more.
  • Support: Giving quick, well rounded tech support is simple in the cloud. Diagnosing errors is pretty easy as well with such access. What’s more, if one server on the network crashes, it’s backed up by multiple other sources–meaning no downtime for your precious site.
  • Scale: Making things cost effective and efficient, the cloud hosting solution for your WP site allows for scalability. This means you can scale any and all of your resources as you go, with complete control of RAM, disk space, CPU cores, and bandwidth.
  • Speed: Things are just quicker in the cloud. Users lack patience, and with the CDN of a WP site hosted in the cloud, things come at your users quickly, giving them no time to navigate away from your page or move on to some other shiny object.

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