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15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

With all the options and noise about SEO, how can you believe what everybody is saying? I’ve ran into multiple blogs, with authors claiming to be ‘gurus’ or ‘experts’ on the topic. However when I compare their findings or ‘knowledge’ more often than not they contradict themselves. One way to be fully sure about what Google likes and dislikes is to actually read their guidelines. You can also check out Youtube videos from the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutt.

If you want your content to be found organically, you should consider using search engine optimization (SEO) tools to get better search engine result rankings. SEO tools are especially helpful for businesses, as they can help you sell more products, bring in more visitors, and outrank your competitors. Here are 15 of the best WordPress SEO plugins for you to check out and see if they’re the right fit for you or your business.

Smart SEO

seo preview1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Smart SEO auto-checks the post that you are making as you are making it and gives you a Smart SEO score. You can use this score to revise your post to improve your search engine results. Smart SEO also helps you create a title intelligently.

Buy $20

Keyword Finder

preview1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Keyword Finder can provide you with the most-searched keywords. You can write your posts around this information, and your search engine ranking will improve. One particularly nice thing about this tool is that it works for 189 languages. You can also try this tool before you purchase it to see if it’s right for you.

Buy $12


xcommenter preview1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Viewers give more credibility to your posts if they see that other people have read them. One way to get your viewers to believe that other people have read your posts is to generate comments for them. xCommenter generates comments for your posts in an intelligent way. It pulls relevant answers from Yahoo Answers and spins them to create original content.

Buy $16


header new1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

One SEO method is to create landing pages. The more pages you have, the more search engine results you can have. Landingpages creates these pages for you easily by using keywords relevant to your website. You can choose an interval to create them, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Buy $15

Google+ Author Information in Search Results

google author inline preview11 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

In some Google searches, an author’s face appears next to the search result. This is because the author’s Google+ profile is linked with the post. This plugin lets you replace your author links with links to the author’s Google+ profile. This could potentially get you more viewers as it adds credibility.

Buy $8

WordPress SEO Post Optimizer

vorteile1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin is so great because it’s so simple. All you need to know are the keywords that you want to have high search result rankings for. Once you write your post, this tool lets you know whether your post could be changed to improve your ranking.

Buy $15

WP GeoIP Country Redirect

590x3001 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin lets you redirect your users depending on which country they are from. It figures out the country they are from by looking at their IP address. This could be helpful if you’re trying to sell something and you want to separate viewers so you can cater to their demographic better.

Buy $11

WordPress Keyword Tool Plugin

preview13 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin tells you how many times a keyword has been searched daily. It also lets you use these keywords as tags and can provide with you with keyword suggestions. Once you have this information, you can write your post optimally.

Buy $15

RobotPoster Spinner Edition

v21 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

RobotPoster Spinner Edition has all of the features of the original RobotPoster with an article spinner. The original RobotPoster allows users to post an unlimited amount of content automatically. With the new ability to spin articles, this plugin is a good choice for an all-in-one SEO tool.

Buy $18

Comment Sparker

590x300 21 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Comment Sparker helps users generate comments to their posts. Comments are available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Thai. Generating comments is a great SEO method and also a great way to start discussions on your website

Buy $20

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

inline preview11 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin uses microdata to increase your search engine ranking. It can be used for multiple search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All you need to do is install the plugin, modify a pre-existing short code to create your own, let the plugin how you need the code to be structured, and then paste the code into your post.

Buy $10

WP SEO Suite

untitled1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin is an all-in-one solution for SEO. You can use it to analyze your posts to find optimize them for SEO. You can also link a Google+ account with the author, create meta titles, descriptions, and keywords, and create sitemaps. This plugin offers a lot of tools. If you’re an SEO expert, it may be a good choice for you.

Buy $17

WordPress Auto Spinner – Articles Rewriter

preview12 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

Rewriting articles is an easy way to create content for your website. It takes significantly less time than producing new content. You don’t even have to rewrite your articles manually. If you have a plugin like WordPress Auto Spinner, they can be rewritten for you. You can have a new post for your website in seconds.

Buy $16

WordPress WDF Plugin

inlinepreview1 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

This plugin focuses on the WDF value of words, or the word’s frequency in a document relative to other words. This tool lets you view the WDF of words visually in charts and graphs. From this information, you can revise your posts for SEO.

Buy $11

Word and Phrase Spinner

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Duplicating content is an efficient SEO technique. However, you don’t want to post the same exact content everywhere, as most search engines are weary of this. This plugin can rewrite your content for you, so that your content will be the same, just written differently.

Buy $8

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 15 Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

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