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Plugins Designed for Social Networking

How can one even think of making the web blog social and interactive without paying due attention to the social networking platforms. Perhaps the biggest booster of the utilization of Internet services has been social networking sites and the following plugins are designed strictly for the blog owners to profit from the social networking sites and enables you and your readers to connect and interact in the social networking platforms:

Follow Me – it brings to you, your profile on various social networking sites like Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Mixx and more, conveniently as a hub in the sidebar.

LifeStream – it displays all of your activities done on social networking platforms like Facebook, Digg, Twitter right there on your blog and maintains a detailed complete histore instead of recent activity.

Meet Your Commenters – After all social networking is all about growing your networks. This plugins display the profiles of everyone who have commented on your blog posts in the dashboard of your admin panel and thus you have an option to develop your contacts and enjoy a strong and loyal list of readers.

Retaggr – represent yourself as a businessman or an entrepreneur virtually with the help of Retaggr that provides you with a virtual business card. You may also include the link to your pivotal social networking profiles in here.

SezWho – it gives the users the power to rate entries and provide them with a profile which follows them everywhere, thus it creates a social network out of the commenting done by the people.

Social Homes – it adds in the sidebar section certain fevicons regarding your social networks which lets the users to easily find you through the various networking channels.

You may refer any proficient WordPress Developer to guide you about the same. In order to make your blog or WordPress based website an enjoyable and profitable venture, and to actually reach out to the number of clients, it is imperative for you to make your web blog more social and the most feasible way of doing the same is buy putting together the best of these plugins in your blog.

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Posted by Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill is an ambitious and self motivated professional, working as a senior marketing executive with WPCanvas, a firm boosting of highly skilled WordPress Developers providing specialized PSD to WordPress conversion services.


  1. Nice round up Jennifer some useful plugins I have not heard of in there will have to check them out!

  2. Great post! Have you found any Plug-Ins where the readers can upload/include photos in their comments

  3. Thanks Ben and Kali.

    And Kali, WordPress Development is huge, I’ll not be surprised to find the plugins that you asked for. However I would have to research a little. I’ll keep you posted mate!

  4. i will use some in my blog, thank you, very useful

  5. nice post.. from a pretty author

    hai jennifer

  6. Thanks for the great post And for Igor sending us here 🙂

  7. Kali/
    Comment Image may be useful for these needs

  8. This is my 1st visit in your blog. I must appreciate your effort for sharing such a nice blog with the readers. As being an webmaster, I am also using some of the most essential plugin in WordPress : All in one SEO, Google Analytics plugin etc. These are amazing and easy to use. Thanks for sharing some more. Keep it up and have tweeted this blog to my followers. best wishes.

  9. FYI: Your Shareoholic plugin is burping on my end. I’m in XP and Chrome.

  10. Just released the new LAX Slider – A Parallax Post Slider For WordPress.
    A Post/Page/Product etc Slider with content preview.
    Implement with simple shortcode.

  11. Do you have plugin for subscribe now that look some interactive.

  12. Wordpress Developer December 18, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Nice post the got some ideas about the plugins in wordpress.

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