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Hello, and welcome to this, my first post on Inspiration Feed -many thanks to Igor and the Inspiration Feed team for giving me the opportunity to contribute! My name is Drew and I publish a blog called Onset Digital where I recommend and review WordPress themes and am pleased to have been invited to offer similar posts on here, so here goes:

In this post I wanted to look at the best free WordPress themes available for photographers. There are many amazing Premium WordPress themes around however there are also some very good free ones available too.

I have seen many other posts trying to showcase the best free WordPress themes for photography however they all seem to show the same themes, plus many of the themes are not actually good themes at all… hence why I’ve put together this list -a definitive guide to free WordPress themes for Photographers (in no particular order).

Some you may have seen before, some you may not but I truly hope that you can find something suitable!

1. Imbalance

2. Big Square

3. Portfolium

4. Snapshot

5. Viewpoint

6. Fotofolio Landscape

7. Hyku Gallery

8. Shaken Grid -Responsive

9. Photoria

10. Photoblog

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Posted by Drew Harding

Drew Harding is the Digital Marketing Manager at Eclipse Creative and publishes his own WordPress Theme Resource blog called Onset Digital. He loves Formula One, watching Newcastle Utd play Football and drinking Ale! If you wish to get in touch, follow him on Twitter: @drew_harding or follow Onset Digital: @OnsetDigital


  1. Muy buena recopilación, unos diseños muy atractivos, aunque la mayoría los conocía. Hacen falta nuevos themes enfocados a la fotografía…


  2. Hello i want to take this kinds of themes for my site. please help me.

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