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Backlinks are nothing but bringing more traffic to the site. Search engines find the links in the website and by means of reliable content there, they produce more traffic to the site. Let us see the ways to generate rewarding backlinks.

Quick & Dirty Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization works on principles like Keywords in domain, Keywords in title tags, and Keywords in h1 tags etc., Keywords are the rulers for the web page. Keyword density analyzer tool helps to find out whether the keyword is rich for the given content and appropriately whether is it placed in title tags, h1 tags etc., Moreover, domain name should be easily readable and understandable to know about the content of a site and if owns the same name as the content, more chances of ranking in the site.

Social Bookmarking Made Easy

Firefox is the best browser to view any website. Plugins in Firefox provide additional facility to make the social bookmarking easy. The Power of Only Wire is a free plugin and interestingly by a simple click, one can able to submit the site to nearly 30 social bookmarking sites namely Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo Bookmarks, Ask etc., Using those plugins will surely create more traffic.

Become a Top Commenter on Blogs

One needs to find a blog containing “Top Commentator” widget that gets installed. Identity is very much required for the blogs. One need to be the top commenters for those blogs and once it is given; they are rewarded with a link back to their own site. It is an interesting fact that once become top commenters for those blogs, in all the pages of the blogs, one can easily get backlinks that ultimately increase the traffic. Googling and one need to find the blogs that contain the top commentator widget

Social Bookmark the Blogs

A perfect way is to be the top commentators on a blog and get a backlinks. Then bookmark the sites using Only Wire plugin. Ultimately entire world will be under one’s leg as there are more chances of traffic to the sites.

Alternate Ideas

Best way to get noticed by the search engine is to make a BlogSpot blog or Squidoo lens. Be the top commentator on the sites like containing more page ranks and get more backlinks. Then submit the newly created blog or squidoo lens containing all the backlinks and submit to Only Wire. In this process search engines index the high page rank sites and get the backlinks from there and also the one created from new blog or squidoo lens.

Consider Outsourcing

Business promotion should be increased and in any stage it should not get disturbed. One can oversee the business by recruiting known persons for their business and help to improve the business. Outsourcing to genuine third party sites also sometimes help for it.


Rewarding backlinks will not be possible for poor comments. Hence reliable, energetic and trustworthy comments should be given for comment section. Blog owner has all the rights to delete the comments, ban the visitor. One’s ultimate aim is to get more backlinks. Search engine optimization knowledge should be the base to understand and win the backlinks. Patience is much required to sustain in the market.

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