When you first begin your freelancing career you might underestimate the aspects of the job. Going from employee to working for yourself will force you to restructure your focus. When you become a freelancer, you become an identify of yourself as well as a brand. Showing clients your creativity/managerial side is quite important for a successful representation. Here are some strategies to follow in order to have a successful first meeting with a potential client. Fake it until you make it will not work here, understanding the major aspects is a must.

1. Know her/his business

Before you meet your client you have to be sure about his business. Gain information before you attend the meeting, research on Google or on social networks about the company/agency. You would get a terrible first impression if he will ask you what is his business about and you will say I don’t know! Good luck from there, because now you have to climb up a ladder you just fell from.

2. Sell Yourself

This is the main purpose, you are dealing with a potential client selling your skills. Be very positive, show him your best works flipping through your portfolio, and talk about previous clients. Take the opportunity to lean in and take them on a journey through your work. Engaging your client is essential. People want to feel involved. Get feedback from old clients and show it to the new ones. Make him/her enthusiastic about what you can offer, you are a professional and this is the attitude you have to keep carrying.

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