3. Accessories

Accessories such as an iPad/laptop/portfolio cases can help you to show your portfolio with excitement. This element also shows off your professionally and how much do you care about your job. I’ve had many previous clients amazed while scrolling through my portfolio on an iPad. For the technology savvy, we care so much about specs and main product features for every gadget we buy. Older folks that did not grow up with this stuff, are almost always amazed by how far technology has progressed!

4. Be Nice

Be a nice and positive person, smile, clients will not do business with a grumpy person, so cheer up, and if you can present yourself bringing a small gift, something like cookies, coffee, or a basket of fruit that you might share together. I suggest avoid personal and expensive stuff such as watches and jewelry, you do not know this person and what it thinks about that and you do not want look like you are “buying” the job.

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