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So you have a Macbook Pro with Retina display, and it is absolutely beautiful. Everything is so sharp! Everything is so clear! You could look at it all day! Well, maybe not the last one. You have things to get done, after all. But what if you have a wallpaper that doesn’t have the right resolution? Then your display may not look as wonderful, as sharp, and as clear. This is certainly not the best way to show off what your laptop has to offer, aesthetically speaking.

This is why these awesome wallpaper websites exist. Let’s take a glance at each of them.



This wallpaper website has a large collection of wallpapers and they are wonderful enough to separate them into categories. They specify dimension, and theme. The website has a simple interface and is easy and free to use.



This website is a personal favorite of mine. When you enter the website there is a landing page with the most recent item. All of the images are gorgeous (and are gorgeously free). This website is specifically very useful in finding landscape photography. If you are a photographer, you get to look at beautiful imagery and learn how each work was created. ISO and shutter speed, for example, are tagged and/or described. Warning: one may spend lots of time looking at amazing pieces of work. They are almost as amazing as your laptop’s display.



In addition to having categories separating the wallpapers by theme and dimension, WallpapersWide has an interesting interface option. If you hover over an image, you can click the thumbnail or the arrow that appears over the thumbnail. If you click the arrow, it allows you to preview and download the image. If you click anywhere else on the thumbnail, you have more options, like viewing related art and finding out how the image is tagged. It is sort of confusing, but very interesting. This is also a good place for gorgeous imagery.



Dribble is a website similar to DeviantArt in that search results are not guaranteed to provide exactly what you search for. This is because there is no designated place for wallpapers, so everything you find will be based on search results. You may see regular wallpapers or vectors, or anything tagged with the words you searched. When you find a wallpaper, it may or may not be free. Given these things, this website is very simple to use and may just be what you need for finding the right wallpaper.



DeviantArt, the “largest online art community”, is the home of much more than just wallpapers. You will see all sorts of different categories, ranging from Flash designs to literature. When you search “Macbook Pro Retina Display”, you’ll find many wallpapers often designed and packaged just for you! The only downside to this website is the fact that it is so huge. It may take a long time to find just the image you want. Still, the work is often mind-blowing and very much worth it.



Vladstudio has a very clean interface with beautiful wallpapers. The site also has apps and games, a shopping center, and more. There is one thing to note, however, that might prevent this site from being the preferred website to visit: In order to download a wallpaper in a certain resolution, you will need to create a premium account. If you are not willing to pay for your wallpapers, it is probably better to use another website.

Digital Blasphemy


The images on Digital Blasphemy consist of highly manipulated images that often have a surreal, fantastical look. Similar to Vladstudio, not all downloads are free and require a membership. Thankfully, this applies to wallpaper that offers multiscreen resolutions, so this does not apply to your awesome Macbook Pro. The interface is somewhat old-school as far as websites are concerned, but the images are fascinating and worth the download.

High Resolution Wallpapers


High Resolution is a very good wallpaper website. The images will work wonderfully with your super crisp and beautiful retina display. The site is free and the navigation is simple and easy to understand and use.

HD Wallpapers


Besides the slight change of aesthetics, HD Wallpapers is very much the same as High Resolution because it also has a simple interface, is easy to use, and is free.

Mr. Wallpaper


The only way to differentiate Mr. Wallpaper from High Resolution and HD Wallpapers are the images themselves. Mr. Wallpaper seems to have more of a variety in subject. The website is also free and easy to use.

We can assure that any of these websites will help you find just the perfect wallpaper for your wonderfully beautiful and crisp retina display! Happy wallpapering!

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