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Art has always undergone a metamorphosis through the ages. Depending on the materials available, the depth of human imagination and the changing perceptions of the world, these aspects have contributed to new art forms or revitalization of the old. Portrait illustrations have always been focused on life-like faces or good interpretations of it. The modern century sees a very unique approach to portrait illustrations that uses typography or words to create picturesque designs.

These words are specially selected for the message they have to deliver or their relevance to the topic. It is amazing how the portraits are created from the manipulation of font types, sizes and keywords. Following the arrangement of words can lead you to understand a hidden meaning, which adds depth and significance to the portrait illustrations. Each artist has an exceptional vision of how the words should depict the portrait, and their individual style is distinct and admirable.

A Man of His Word by Straye-Close

The artist paid close attention to detail. He incorporated the name of the actor, Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr, movies and TV shows from the actor’s biography, character’s name, quotes from his movies and the actor’s awards. The words unite in a detail-orientated profile of Morgan Freeman.

Lady Gaga by Skye Shettle

The lyrics of Lady Gaga’s song “Wonderful” has been embedded into the portrait and forms an integral part of the singer’s portrait structure.

Nelly Furtado by Steve Butabi

The artist has chosen to use the name Nelly Furtado to make up the singer’s profile.

Lyric portrait 2nd attempt by Cris wicks

The portrait resembling a woman is a vivid combination of gold and bright purple. The words inscribed inside the profile make a strong appeal against war.

Weiland Type by CaliburlessSoul

The artist created a portrait of Scott Weiland, singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots. The words chosen to design the impressive profile were select lyrics from the band’s song “Sex Type Thing” and the singer’s name. The trendy glasses and cigarette are very characteristic of the singer and infuse life into the photo.

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