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Any website can meet disaster anytime; hence it’s important to keep yourself prepared to avoid all these mishaps. Website is a dynamic thing, hence when you work on such projects; you need to make sure that the design comes out to be robust in nature so that it sustains all the disaster coming on its way. Despite taking all measures, website fails or meets accidents. The article discusses such failures and disasters which any website meet any time any day. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Improper password management system.

Most of the website owners and webmasters simply go callous while managing their passwords, which may lead to a disaster. Handling password in careless fashion can easily allow anyone to get the same and damage your website. Hence it’s imperative that you put your passwords in an encrypted file. So better use tools like LastPass to secure your passwords to avoid any website mishap.

2. Website disappeared and you can’t access your developer.

This is certainly a disaster but can happen any time. One find day when you visit your website you find the error page disclosing that your site has disappeared. You certainly would call your developer, ironically, he is not accessible, he has relocated or shifted or went for a holiday without any date of return. Weeks and months will pass thus compelling you to construct an all together new website.

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