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The way we listen to music has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Vinyls were replaced by cassettes; they paved the way for the CD; and we now download MP3’s. But the humble portable musical player doesn’t only give us a new way to listen to music.

Apple’s iPad has transformed the way musicians can make their music, as well. At the push of a button – or more accurately, the touch of a screen – rookies and experts alike can make music in their own homes. Here we look at 10 of the best free and paid for apps for musicians:

1. On The Path Music -Free

On the Music Path

If you’re looking to learn a new instrument, or increase your current skill level, On The Path Music is for you. This is a brilliant app for musical learning, and is jam packed with music lessons. Some of the biggest musicians around have lent their tutorials to OTPM, making it the perfect one-on-one lesson.


2. Metronome – $1.99


Musicians everywhere rely on a metronome to help them keep time. The metronome app is hugely powerful, and is even suitable for proficient and professional musicians. With 35 different time signatures, a voice count feature, various sound sets, and set list management; you’ll never play without this iPad app again.


3. Musicians Practice Journal – $4.99

Musician's Practice Journal

They say practice makes perfect, but fitting music into your daily routine – especially if you work full time – can be tricky. Musicians Practice Journal helps you manage a daily routine and track your progress. You can see easily which pieces you haven’t practiced in a while, see how long you play for, and the speeds you play at. With a simple interface, this user friendly app is perfect for all musicians.


4. Looptastic $14.99

Looptastic HD

Looping is regularly used in live performances, and everyone likes to discover a way to do things easier. Looptasic lets you create amazing live remixes in real time. And with an extensive catalogue of tracks and loops to choose from, you can get started right away. Even novices can quickly and effectively sequence loops, add effects, and produce a professional sound.


5. eTuner $1.99


Tuning your instruments prior to a live performance or recording session is crucial. But make your life a little easier, and use your iPad. eTuner is a simple, interactive tuner that works with string, brass, and wind instruments. The user-friendly app displays the note that is closely matched to the pitch you’re playing. The easy-to-read graph helps you get the variance between pitch and note just right.


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