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BuddyPress is an open source social networking software used for developing professional social networks.  For the uninitiated, BuddyPress enables you to create fully featured niche social networks within a few minutes. It allows your users to sign-up and create their personal profiles, build connections, interact with other users in groups, and much more.

The ever-evolving platform lets you easily create a community for your school, college, business, or any other tribe. Here are top 10 popular and creative BuddyPress communities which reveal the endless possibilities of this dynamic platform.



My Telegraph is an interesting platform for The Daily Telegraph readers where in they can create their own blog, save and share articles, and exchange their thoughts with other readers. This innovative community was launched in May 2007 which fetched them a Cross Media Award IFRA (International Newspaper Organisation) in October 2007. Robert Cauthorn mentioned the network as “the best deployment of blogging yet seen in any newspaper anywhere in the world”.


The City University of New York imparts high-quality education to more than 269,000 degree-credit students as well as 270,000 adults. The university has 24 campuses in and around New York City.

The City University of New York has its own learning and professional community, known as The Academic Commons, which is developed to support faculty initiatives and create an education community through using technology in learning and teaching. The primary goal of the platform is to promote free exchange of ideas and knowledge in order to impart better education and expand professional development opportunities.


Established in 1908, the University of British Columbia is considered as one of Canada’s best research universities. The institution has been ranked consistently among the top 40 universities in the world. The university offers UBC Blogs, a social network and web blogging platform primarily designed to give free web space for the university community.

Any member of the faculty or student can create a group for their individual departments, sports team or, their teaching and learning needs. They can maintain it as a private or public domain. Also, they can search for their colleagues and classmates and stay in touch with them. They can even contribute to UBC Wiki or discuss about anything on blogs and forums.


Blogs can be successfully used in the field of education as they allow users to interact and work as a team. Maintaining a personal blog allows the user to disclose his/her ideas, opinions, thought and knowledge.

Panhellenic School Network allows their member to either create or join one or more communities. Members can create their own private, public or hidden communities to share their ideas about subject areas of their interest. For individual user’s profile, a member can create additional fields. They can also communicate with other users directly and interact personally via messages. Also, the members can create their own individual friend’s list.



Tasty Kitchen is a food networking platform which enables people who love to cook, from any corner of the world, to easily share their recipes. These recipes can be easily searched for, located, shared and printed by the users!

Tasty Kitchen offers an online food community wherein members can login, create their personal profiles and upload their favourite recipes. Members have the ease to upload a recipe on any page of the website; this ability to upload recipes is consistent throughout the entire website. A member of the innovative food community has the access to communicate with other users via direct messages or Wire posts, become friends with other community members and browse users’ common interests.



StyleCraze is India’s leading beauty network with more than 20,000 registered members who have access to personalized beauty recommendations. With around 2 million visitors every month, the beauty community is a haven for readers and bloggers. They share their own individual experiences with others users. While bloggers share and publish their experiences, readers have the access to seek professional advice and expert opinion regarding any beauty-related concern.



Irrational Games is an award winning video game developer. It was founded by Robert Fermier, Jonathan Chey and Ken Levine in 1997 at Quincy, MA. The trio became successful with System Shock 2, the much loved first person shooter. Following this were various other games like Tribes: Vengeance, SWAT 4 and Freedom Force series. The game developer firm was later acquired by Take-Two Interactive in 2005 and renamed as 2K Boston in 2007. They have won more than 50 awards which includes the Best Game award from BAFTA. In 2010, they reclaimed back their original moniker, Irrational Games.

The gaming community offers a host of features. A member has access to the forums, threads and posts. Members can create their own profiles by simply registering, search for specific forums and threads, view announcements, notifications and new posts, rate threads, and contact other members.



Venture Capital for Africa is the largest and fastest community of investors and entrepreneurs who envision building companies in Africa. The main goal is to connect ideas and people. This open and accessible platform extends to nearly 159 nations across the world. Currently, this ever-evolving community supports over 1000 ventures in 30 African countries.

The community in order to ensure quality screens venture, investor and member applications before giving approval to access to their website. Members can create their individual profiles, join groups, build a network, ask questions, sign up for upcoming events, share opinion/views, and read news. Entrepreneurs can meet experts, source feedback, build a fan base, and publish their business ideas. Investors, on the other hand, can screen ventures and review those ideas that match their investment criteria.



We Heart This is an women-centric community where members discuss about everything under the sun! We heart this moves beyond being just a blogging community. With the addition of social networking features by BuddyPress, the community allows the modern, savvy women to share and discuss about things they love.

Members can either join any conversation or create a new topic of discussion in the group’s forums. The community offers eight different groups which match the site’s main categories like fashion, beauty, etc. Members can send either private messages or public announcements to other members of the group. Also, they can search the pulse for any group activity (new interactions, new members, recent comments). They can even invite existing users to join their group.



Lega Nerd is an offensive social community in Italy. The site does not have a specific theme, as it gives importance to any new interesting and curious topic. The audience is primarily made up of ‘nerd’ or by a segment of curious people who wish to unravel and learn new things. In this digital age, the attitude is to share information and exchange ideas.

Members of the ‘nerd’ community have direct and easy access to a wide range of information. The site offers a plethora of categories like shopping creativeness, culture, entertainment, games, real life, science, technologies, tourism, comics, and stories. Articles are written by the community members and authors, who are recruited on a voluntary basis. Apart from simply reading, readers can enter the time when the register and create content on their individual profiles.

We hope the following BuddyPress based websites will inspire you to create your very own website. If you need high quality BuddyPress themes, check out this article: 10+ Amazing Premium Buddypress WordPress Themes

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