It’s one of the world’s most poorly kept secrets that inside even the most domesticated of men there is a furtive longing for a bachelor pad. A place of refuge in the wildest of locations, where he can live (or relive) his youth with just his best mates, the ultimate in gadgets and, perhaps most importantly, decorated in whatever outlandish style he wants. For some men, this dream has become a reality.

1. The Sheats Goldstein Residence






Designed by the legendary architect John Lautner, it’s no wonder the 50 year old Sheats Goldstein residence is still any bachelor’s dream come true. The space age design includes 750 tiny skylights made from actual drinking glasses, motorized sliding glass panels between rooms and a hot tub with stunning views overlooking Los Angeles.

2. The NBK Residence






The NBK Residence is industrial, masculine and incredibly spacious. The 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms make it capable of hosting the ultimate boys weekend, with the 4,000 square foot floor plan ensuring there is plenty of room for everyone. Floor to ceiling windows illuminate the massive living area which is circled by towering bookshelves and a steel grating bridge that provides the ultimate vantage point. To top it off, the rooftop has a swimming pool and entertaining area with the city of Beirut as its backdrop.

3. The Contemporary Concrete Residence

The Contemporary Concrete Residence3

The Contemporary Concrete Residence5

The Contemporary Concrete Residence4

The Contemporary Concrete Residence2

The Contemporary Concrete Residence1

Minimalist. Luxurious. Breathtaking. For the ultimate Mediterranean bachelor pad, you can’t go past the Contemporary Concrete Residence on Aegina Island. The windows in this masterpiece can be slid back to open up the entire home to the surrounding views of the mountains and the ocean, meaning your guests will never feel cramped, no matter how big the party. When it comes time to cool off, there is a luxurious swimming pool running across the length of the outdoor entertaining area, the bright blue water mirroring the cloudless sky.

4. Casa Till Residence

Casa Till Residence5

Casa Till Residence4

Casa Till Residence3

Casa Till Residence2

Casa Till Residence1

It’s not often a bachelor pad qualifies as both luxurious and ecologically friendly, but the Casa Till house in Los Arcos, Chile manages to do exactly that. A feat of engineering, the extensive sun terrace is supported by stilts as it actually hangs out over the edge of the cliff face. The open plan design is aided by the use of glass walls and a series of sliding panels that lets you customize the floor plan to suit the gathering. As a final indulgence, the floor to ceiling windows let you wake up with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

5. Hong Kong Residence

Hong Kong Residence6

Hong Kong Residence5

Hong Kong Residence4

Hong Kong Residence2

Hong Kong Residence1

Hong Kong Residence

Everyone knows that bachelor pads are all about the toys that fill them…this one comes with a Ferrari. Hong Kong interior design studio Millimeter has created a haven within this multi-level apartment, with glass panels preventing the box like interior from feeling cramped. As the icing on the cake, the glass wall of the garage turns this bachelor pad into a millionaire’s showroom, with the gleaming red Ferrari always on display.

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