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Google+ is finally here, and is attracting tons of media attention. I wanted to see what the whole fuss is about, and asked a friend of mine for an invite. Messing around with Google+ for a week now, has been very pleasing. The layout is very similar to Facebooks, therefore I didn’t have to learn anything new and it was easy to pick up and use. Even though it’s still in private beta* apparently Google+ has over 9.5 million users. This is their fastest growing social product, and will in my opinion continue to strive.

Before it always felt kind of weird to add your web based friends on Facebook. I guess it’s a different environment. I fell like Facebook is a place for my real life friends that I know and have met in person. Now that Google+ is out, its easier to manage with what circle of friends you are sharing your status update. Currently the site is getting packed with users that maybe know each other in real life, but most people who have meet on the web. Is it the so called Facebook killer? I don’t know, but giving this a shot wont hurt you!

Since this Google+ business blew up like it did, everybody is hungry for some icons/buttons. We have manged to find 10 beautiful Goolge+ buttons, icons, PSD’s, vectors, and PNG’s. Below you will find the preview of the file and a designated download link. All the images and download buttons lead to the download page. We respect the authors hard work and didn’t want to hotlink to the files.

If you are still on the side line waiting for an Invite, I would be more than happy to help you out! Here’s two ways to get one:

  1. Direct Message me on Twitter with your email.
  2. If you have Tumblr, just send me a message with your email.
  3. Feel free to add me to one of your circles as well! I’m always happy to meet cool new people!

1. Official Google Plus Button

2. Google Plus

3. Google Plus (+) Icon Set PNG (dpp)

4. Google icons

5. Free Google Plus Icon Vector

6. Google Plus(+) Icons (PNG & PSD)

7. Google+ Icon

8. Google+ Icons

9. Free Google Plus Icons

10. Google Plus(+) Circular Icon Set

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