As a business, it’s important to get feedback from your customers so that you can satisfy them better. Getting their feedback in a manner that generates data is ideal, since you can refer back to their feedback in the future. The task of collecting customer feedback may seem tedious, but don’t put it off. There are actually a lot of great tools out there that can make getting customer feedback easy. Read the list below to find the one for your business.

Get Satisfaction


This tool lets your customers communicate with each other and give you feedback. They can give praise, report a problem, share an idea, or ask a question. The interface is very intuitive, and even the least tech-savvy customer will be able to give you feedback. It’s important to allow customers to engage with each other, because sometimes they are more likely to speak with other than they are with you. You can derive feedback from their dialogue.


User Voice


User Voice markets itself as offering more than a help desk. User Voice focuses primarily on customer support. Customers can issue support tickets or find help in feedback forums. User Voice also has a knowledge base, which can be a helpful tool for customers looking to find an answer or just looking to learn more. Furthermore, you can view metrics that will allow you to gain information from your feedback quickly.




Kampyle offers a diverse selection of customer feedback tools. You can get feedback for sales, marketing and support. With this much customer feedback, you can ensure that all aspects of your business are operating optimally. If you are not sure whether this customer feedback tool is right for you, you can request a live demo or view case studies of businesses for which it was successful. The Lead Dashboard feature lets users see quickly all feedback that was generated by users.


Help Spot


Help Spot offers basic customer feedback web forms, a feedback forum, and a knowledge base. It also offers other tools that are useful for a help desk. Users can manage emails more efficiently. One great feature of using Help Spot is that it’s easily scalable. If you are getting thousands of support tickets a day, Help Desk can manage them. Help Desk is a nice, robust choice for users looking to get customer feedback with a little extra.


H2 Desk


With H2 Desk, you can manage support tickets and create a knowledge base. The tool to manage support tickets is really intuitive and has categories for tickets that are overdue and tickets that are due on that day. Users can create tutorials, maintain a library of files, and create company news reports. Customers can easily access this information. H2 Desk may sound complicated, but you don’t need to have a technical background to use it.




One of the nice things about SnapEngage is that it integrates seamlessly with your pre-existing help desk system. It will be easy to adjust to. You can talk to the visitors on your website through Skype or Google Talk. You don’t have to install any new software, as SnapEngage can be used through a browser window. SnapEngage also lets agents have pictures in the chat box, which makes the experience more personal for the customer.




Zendesk is innovative in that it lets you compare the quality of your customer support to your competitors. This could give you the motivation to improve your customer service. Additionally, Zendesk has over 100 apps that businesses would find useful. You can try Zendesk for free or watch a demo to find out whether it’s right for you. Over 30,000 companies use Zendesk, so it likely won’t be a bad investment.


User Echo


User Echo offers a unique customer support experience. It’s easy for businesses to manage their support tickets, and customers will feel as though they are receiving high quality, personal attention. You can send customers private messages or communicate with them in threads in a forum. User Echo also has a live chat feature. You can try User Echo for free to get a hang of it.


User Response


User Response offers a broad assortment of customer feedback tools, including polls, surveys, live chat, help desk features, and a knowledge base. It’s useful to have features like polls and surveys, since they are easy for customers to fill out, and they can give you data that can be viewed on charts and graphs. User Response is a great medium in which businesses can get ideas on how to improve business or customer service from the most important people, their customers.


Customer Sure


Customer Sure claims that it offers the simplest method to acquire customer feedback. Customer Sure only takes 60 seconds to gather information from a customer. You don’t have to download and install anything, and you can try Customer Sure before purchasing it. Customer Sure guarantees you’ll be satisfied with the feedback that you get. Sometimes it’s hard to convince customers to fill out surveys. If customer survey promises that you can get feedback from customers using it, it’s certainly worth a shot.


Gathering customer feedback isn’t as difficult as many people think it is. It can even be fun! Once you learn what your customers actually think, you can improve the quality of service that you provide.

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