When we were young, we dreamed of becoming doctors, astronauts, teachers or even rock-stars. However, as we grew older, life somehow got in the way of our dreams, and instead of doing something we truly wished to do, we would put them off, hoping that we would someday find time to listen to our hearts. But we never did.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to start learning all the things we always wanted to learn for two great reasons. First of all, the Internet has become so complex that it is now possible to learn new skills online and secondly because the economy has had some problems since the recession that began in 2007.


Millions of people have lost their jobs, and it would be wise to polish your skills if you ever want to stand a chance in this cruel world. While some decide to become professional couch potatoes, you can spend your valuable time learning new things that you are passionate about, and put them to good use. Here are ten skills, and careers that you can learn online and also enjoy.

1. Learn How to Create and Edit Videos


Have you ever heard of such a thing as an online film school? If you have a passion for films, then you should definitely learn a little bit more about the subject. There are plenty of online schools that will teach you how to shoot, produce and edit your own videos or movies. Everything from how to choose the perfect computer, camera, setting and lighting conditions will be revealed to you in comprehensive tutorials.

Nevertheless, if you are serious about this career, you will need to purchase professional equipment. The rest depends on your devotion and passion. If you don’t feel prepared enough to direct your own movie, you can learn how to VideoBlog. Vlogs have become extremely popular in the past few years, and it is actually possible to earn money with them. Obviously, you will be able to learn all there is to know about Vlogging with only a few clicks on Google.

2. Enhance your HandyMan Skills


Have you ever noticed that things tend to get broken around the house when you need them most? It is true that you no longer have to repair anything yourself, because there is always someone you can hire, but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t spend the money for things like this? Are you the Do-it-Yourself type of person? Are you an adept of the frugal lifestyle? If the answer is yes, open your browser and start searching.

There is nothing more rewarding than achieving knowledge that can be put to good use. Youtube and VideoJug are excellent sources for capable people who wish to repair things on their own. However, while it is great to repair minor problems on your own, you should call an expert if the situation is out of your hands.

3. Become a Graphic Designer, Illustrator or Painter


I have subscribed to a CGI Fanpage on Facebook a while back, and whenever I would scroll through my newsfeed I would see wonderful illustrations of dragons, fairies, landscapes, and other magnificent subjects. Every time this happened I would ask myself how I would feel if that were my artwork, and it would be promoted on a great community. With digital artwork there is no such thing as talent, because in order to become a great CGI artist, all you need is a lot of practice and devotion.

The talent that many people talk about, is the creativity and imagination that makes different creations unique. It is true that illustrations will not bring you millions of dollars overnight, but if you persevere, you will soon find satisfaction, not only material but also spiritual.

4. Become a Certified Nurse Assistant


There is no nobler thing in this world than to help others in need. Nurses and doctors spend more than half their lives helping people in need, and there is probably no way to understand how saving a life can feel, expect, of course, if you decide to get your very own online nursing degree (you can learn more about accelerated nursing programs here). As I was saying earlier, life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams, but if you wish to become a nurse, it is possible to do so online.

Of course, the clinical and laboratory components will be done at specialized facilities, but the rest can be done from the comfort of your home. Before you enroll or pursue a career in nursing, make sure that you understand the responsibilities of the job. If you are an emphatic and compassionate person you will definitely find fulfillment in this job.

5. Learn How to Play an Instrument


Have you ever imagined you could play the guitar, violin or piano? Come on, don’t lie to me, I know you did. We all did, so why disregard what your heart is telling you? I’m not saying that you will become the next Santana, but if you practice hard, chances are that you might get some gigs, or at least enjoy yourself in the process. The internet is heaven for people with musical inclinations, and Youtube is teeming with great tutorials, guides and sing-alongs.

6. Why Not Become an Entrepreneur?


I’ve often said that it is better to be yourself, than to live a slave to the system. Have you seen how people with decades of experience are being treated once they are rendered useless? All the years of hard work and learning turn to dust for something as trivial as a company becoming insolvent. You deserve more than this. We all deserve to become the best versions of ourselves, and this will never happen if we do not free ourselves from the shackles of society.

Nobody is looking for college degrees anymore, and the educational system has tricked us into believing that we need to learn tons of skills (that we will never use) in order to be hired anywhere. That is not true! Are you passionate about cookies, or pickles, or sports? It doesn’t matter! Turn your passion into a career. As an entrepreneur you can be your own boss, decide your own time, and pursue the road that you want to pursue. Furthermore, there are many outsourcing websites where you can find work. It goes without saying that you will have to learn the basics about online marketing, create strategies, find co-workers etc., but it will all be worth it.

7. Become Fluent in a Foreign Language


When people are asked what they would like to learn, they usually respond “a foreign language”. The truth is that being fluent in another language is a great plus in a CV, and it can also land you a good job. English is not my native language, and to be honest, I never thought I would ever become a blogger, but here I am, and I don’t regret a thing.

When you do something with passion, results are soon to follow. Anyway, there are many sites from which you can learn foreign languages. You can also exchange knowledge with people who are trying to learn your language, for example. If you put a little effort into it, you can come out speaking fluently in about half a year.

8. Learn How to Create Video Games


Would you ever imagine yourself creating a video-game from scratch? Now that’s a big dream. It isn’t impossible, however. There are many online colleges that offer courses in game design, and although most of them are very capable, my favorite one is the Game Institute. This company was designed to cater to the needs of wannabe game developers and ambitious students.

In the courses of the Game Institute you will learn all there is to know about C++ modules, programming, cinematics and console engineering. Unlike other courses which are not properly accredited, the Game Institute has a lot of prestige and it is known by many gaming foundations.

9. Learn How to Blog


The career of a blogger isn’t as simple as it sounds, at least not that of a successful blogger. You can’t just write anything that goes through your mind, and great writing alone is not enough to become read. In order to create a successful blog, one has to invest time, effort, learn about SEO, promote his content on social media and engage with the public. This doesn’t mean that you cannot become a blogger if your heart so desires. There is a myriad of tutorials and guides for newbie bloggers who want to make a name for themselves, all you have to do is look for them.

10. Polish Your Web Design Skills, and Learn how to Code


At some point in my life, I decided to create a website on my own. The experiment was more or less successful. On one hand I learned a little bit about web design, on the other hand I didn’t have a lot of success with my site. If you are interested in such things, you should know that all the knowledge you need can be learnt online. From the basics of programming, web design tools, to the complicated details of responsive design or JavaQueries, everything you need to know is somewhere out there, awaiting your discovery.

What do all of these skills have in common? Hard work and passion to become a professional. You don’t need a college degree, or a lot of money if you truly wish to achieve something, but hard-work is the currency that separates success from failure.

Posted by Briean Theais

BrieanTheais a medical student, from Germany, who has a passion for writing. She is interested in honing her skill and this is exactly why she enrolled for a nurse training program a few years ago.

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