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There has been a literal revolution in the world of design in recent years. While there were only a few who honestly seemed to believe that design staples could be considered art form – with many others believing it to be more of a corporate game – that opinion has been changing. In fact, there are several genres within the niche that are considered stand alone art pieces now by a large majority. Of all of those many graphic art forms, typography is perhaps one of the best received. Taking a great deal of creativity and focus, there are beautiful examples of how text can become a fully focused graphic masterpiece.

If you don’t believe me, you should check out these amazing pieces that express more complex concepts through visual, typographical respresentations. You might find that they provide more depth than you would expect!

1. The Person You Love is 72.8 Percent Water by Teagan White

The Person You Love is 72.8 Percent Water by Teagan White

This impressive piece is from “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher. Fletcher is a notable designer and art director. The book itself has been quoted as an extraordinary “guide to visual awareness.” Notice how each letter is illustrated with images associated with the human anatomy.

2. I Hate 2-D Posters by Ersinhan Ersin

I Hate 2-D Posters by Ersinhan Ersin

This piece is a product of award-winning designer Ersinhan Ersin. Ersin was born in Turkey and currently resides in London. He has had a number of exhibits in Italy, Holland, Belgium, China and the United States. With a degree in visual communication design, Ersin is famous for his visual installations and performance work as well. How imposing do you think is the masterpiece below?

3. No Lies Just Love by Jordan Metcalf

No Lies Just Love by Jordan Metcalf

The astounding artwork below is an “experimental type design” and is actually from a song by Bright Eyes. Jordan Metcalf is from South Africa and describes himself as having “a love for typography, black and white, things made out of wood and folk music.”

4. You Blow Me Away by Craig Ward

You Blow Me Away by Craig Ward

Craig Ward started in London as a designer where he founded his own studio, Words Are Pictures. His work has been internationally recognized as his techniques boast of exceptionality. He has a wide clientele, including major brands like Nike, BMW and The New York Times.

5. Germs by ume7

Germs by ume7

Nikki Hampson (aka Ume7) came up with this brilliant artwork while sick at home with strep throat. Described as merely a typography experiment, it is a superb illustration of how feelings can be expressed by type.

6. Work + Play by Alex Beltechi

Work + Play by Alex Beltechi

This outstanding creation by a university student brings to mind the saying, “No work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, eh?” Alex Beltechi may have felt exactly that way when he was working on the artwork. An enthusiast for all kinds of art, Beltechi is not only keen in illustrated typography but also in photography and music.

7. Addicted to Digital Art by NeedMoreArtZ

Addicted to Digital Art by NeedMoreArtZ

This startling work is accredited to NeedMoreArtZ, who is a German designer. The use of bold fonts and prominent colors reflects the exciting vibe that is felt by artists whenever a spark of creative idea pops up.

8. Love/Hate? by Vaughn Hockey

Love/Hate? by Vaughn Hockey

Send this image the next time you feel like saying the phrases indicated. A graphic designer from Perth, Australia, Vaughn Hockey may be up to something when he used this imagery of scrunched-up paper to illustrate the emotions attached to the love-hate relationship.

9. Triumph over Chaos by ~MasterC88

Triumph over Chaos by ~MasterC88

This piece was submitted as a project by Chris Vick for one of his university classes. Vick is a young designer from California who focuses on design for websites and logo creation. This would also make a perfect calendar design.

10. 99 Percent by *jeffrey

99 Percent by *jeffrey

Jeffrey was so much inspired by Allan Fletcher’s artwork we mentioned on top of this list that he created this typography masterpiece as a follow-up.


Just look at the level of detail that has been put so lovingly into each of these examples. The concept they are meant to express are done so with such beauty and grace that you forget they are based completely around text. This shows how you can truly capture the essence of an idea based on the look of words, rather than their content.

Typography is only one example of graphic forms of art that are sweeping the world, both on and off the web. What are some of your own favorite examples of this genre? Let us know in the comments. For more useful articles like this please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook ! If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to comment, and help us spread the word!

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