Like me, you probably spend a good percentage of your time browsing the Internet. After you’re done answering emails, reading articles on your favorite blogs, and checking your social media profiles you should spend your time learning new things.

I believe people should always strive to better themselves. There are thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to helping you expand your mind. Today I collected some of my favorite Youtube channels for your to check out. The videos these channels provide are educational and will make you smarter. Enjoy!


People are always trying to find ways to better themselves, and BigThink knows that. BigThink finds top experts to discuss big ideas. These professionals tend to share their opinions on important 21st century issues. This channel will teach you the skills you need to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

TED Education

You’ve probably heard of TED Talks by now, the site dedicated to pulling people from all professions into creating videos that help us understand the world around us. They seemed to have branched out into the educational world. In their video series, TED-Ed’s goal is to take the leading teachers from around the globe and present their ideas to everyone who is willing to listen. They tend to post new content every single week, so be sure to subscribe to their channel.

ASAP Science

This is for all you science buffs out there! If you love science, you should totally check out this channel. Every week Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, the creators on this channel, share interesting scientific explanations on popular questions from people like you!


MentalFloss provides plenty of fun videos to grow your mind and expand your abilities. This YouTube channel has something for just about anyone. That’s what’s great about MentalFloss, they deliver completely random knowledge that you never knew you wanted to know. Overall this channel offers you tons of great facts in a trivia-based knowledge format, giving you the tools you need to stump your friends.

Minute Physics

The philosophy of this channel is that if you know enough about a topic, you should be able to explain it nice and simple. This channel gives you an amazing opportunity to learn just about anything you want to know about physics and science. It’s great for beginners eager to learn!


SciShow is an incredible channel. They constantly deliver interesting videos about science, history, and unique concepts. Overall, this channel gives you a well-rounded education about different topics.


This channel is made by a man named Destin who believes that it is possible to get smarter each and every day. Destin makes it fun to learn about new things and gives us ways to use these facts in our everyday lives. He mainly focuses on science, but makes it very entertaining.


If you love science, you’ll be amazed with this man. On a weekly basis Derek Muller puts out easy to understand videos about various topics related to science. I would highly recommend this channel to anyone who wants to know the answers to some of life’s hardest questions.


Michael Stevens believes that our world is an amazing place. So in 2010 he decided to start creating videos to let people know just how amazing and interesting the world is. He offers new videos every week giving us the best of the best.

Crash Course

Crash Course is a channel that focuses on topics like history, biology, literature, and ecology. This channel provides tons of great information in a very simple manner. The production quality is nothing to sneeze at. Their videos are very well made and always have beautiful animations. If you’ve been out of school for while, this channel will definitely help you brush up on your history.

I hope you’ll enjoy these channels. I know it might be a bit overwhelming at first, but you shouldn’t be in a rush to watch every single video (unless you want to). Try to watch at least one video everyday. After a year you’ll be way smarter than you were before. Good luck!

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