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Awe inspiring talent takes the world by storm in the artistic realm of speed painting. The vision of an artist is transformed magically right before your eyes in minutes. Masterpieces that send jaws dropping and emanate sounds of surprise and delight as an artist takes to their canvas. Spectators gather in endless numbers to watch the spectacle of the miraculous beauty that is unfolded before them.

In places where people most congregate, at the beach, on the streets, or in public malls, artists take their profound style of artistry and display their talents for all to see. Using a variety of tools that would astound you, artists use common objects such as pan lids, rocks, spray paint, water, fingers, and carpentry tools to create works of art that would be worth more than a thousand words. As they dip and spray, splatter and dab artists astound their audiences with something that seems almost basic and turns it into a piece of art that even Van Gough would be envious of.

The techniques and skills with which they create seem incredibly simple as they start to paint. For some artists the element of surprise is the ultimate revelation as you watch and wonder what they are about to create. As they simple match dots on a canvas or spray lines that they dab and smear, the anticipation builds as each stroke and smudge is created. You are constantly guessing at what it will be when it is complete. As the work unfolds before you, the magnificence of their creation only visible to your eye until the piece is complete. The final image is revealed with a shock of what you thought the piece was supposed to be when it actually turns into something unexpected.

When the work begins, each piece looks like something you yourself could create. Nothing but lines and dots. Each time the artist makes another mark you follow it and think “I can do this”. They work furiously like a movie that has been fast forwarded. Soon you lose the notion that you could do what they are doing and begin watching, staring, and guessing what it is with each new stroke of their brush or flick of their wrist. Nothing evident, nothing jumping out to you until it is almost over and then…magically it begins to be recognizable and with the last stroke, scrape, or dabble the work is finished leaving mesmerized as to how they accomplished that work without you noticing what was going on or what it was to be.

Others magically unveil their piece element by element. As they hold you motionless and some people as they watch are even holding their breath as each item in the painting is revealed. You try to guess what the element is as they are creating and are astounded as you find out that you were wrong or release an “ah” as you see the image you thought it would be come to life. Their feat is breath taking as you watch them speedily dipping and scratch and clawing throughout their creation until the final product is revealed.

Some of these artists revel in the entertainment encouraging clapping and participation from their audiences as they attempt to create an imagery that is pleasing while other artist simply enjoy the craft that they were born produce. Either way, the artistry is amazing to watch as each individual rhythms away creating the visions that are imprinted on their soul. No piece is like the next, but is created with the same intensity as the one before it. Some people move away after one piece, but the skill and artistry that is portrayed in the demonstration keeps most people hanging on for more and speaking about it for days to come after the experience.

Some artists sell their work for donations or less than market value while others create just for the splendor of aweing their audiences. The art that is created varies in size. Some pieces are created on something as small as a postcard. Others are created larger than life on walls, large boards or on the streets themselves. None the less each piece is usually created anywhere from five to eight minutes in duration.

The next time you are walking through downtown or are at the beach and see a crowd of people surrounding a person with some paint, stop to see what the commotion is all about. You may be amazed to see a speed painting artist at work. You will be able to witness firsthand the awesome beauty that can be created in just a matter of minutes. It will put a smile on your face, excite you for a moment and take just minutes from your day.

I hope you’ll enjoy the following speed painting videos. Cheers!

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