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Doing a business on internet is a serious business! You have a lot of competition, and your visitor is just out of time. Increasing the conversion of the website is the primary concern of online businesses. Here in this post, I have tried to sum up the top 10 ways for increasing the website conversion rate, which I have perceived through my experience in the online world as quite effective.

1. Great Design- it comes at the top of the list

You may have been tired of listening to this, but the fact remains that, great design is the first and foremost essential for a well converting website. It is true that within 5 seconds of landing at your website, people form an impression about your website. Remember the dictum “First impression is the last impression”, it applies here absolutely.

2. Effective Call to action

The last thing you want to do on your website is to lead the visitor astray on your website, with no clue at all on where to proceed. On the ever-growing web, the visitors have many many options available, they don’t have time and energy to dig out and find your product. If you’ll make the user think on what to do next, you’ll most probably lose him. So, the rule of thumb here is, don’t let the user think, tell him precisely what to do.

The number of call(s) to action should be minimum, one or two at maximum. Let them be clearly visible, and stand out from the rest of the content. Some good examples of the call to action are MailChimp, Google Search page, and Basecamp.

3. Incentivize the action

There should be some incentive there for the user to take the particular action. If you are asking for the users to sign up or buy a product, a free eBook, music record, free theme, or some other digital product would be a good idea to encourage the user to take action. Similarly, you can give good seasonal, holidays or other limited time offers to users to signup/ buy now and get some good discount, or a free item as an incentive. The more spontaneous you’ll make the process for the user, they more conversions you’ll get.

4. Personalization is the way to go

Your current visitors are your best asset. You can capitalize on them to get not only more traffic, but also increase the conversion rate of the current users. Personalization is the best tool to make a current user loyal. Note down the user history of important or most active users using some good CRM. Give them some surprise offers, discounts, gifts etc. Occasionally send them personalized emails. Arrange the meet-ups and get-togethers. In a long run, this strategy definitely pays off.

5. Make users believe they are in a good company

Users don’t like websites which look lonely and deserted. People get suspicious of such websites, especially if they are making an online purchase. Through Testimonials, Clients list, and references make the users believe that there are a lot of people who trust you, and this user can trust you as well. A list of news publications which have featured your website is also a very good thing, if you have any such news publications about your website. Besides, the words like “Trusted by thousands of businesses”, or “Thousands of satisfied visitors” can also make a really good psychological impression in gaining the trust of the visitor.

Posted by M. Anwar Haq

Anwar is a professional web developer. He is helping his clients setup professional websites since 2009. His special area of expertise includes Magento and Wordpress development

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