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Are you looking for a way to make money from your home? Fortunately, there are great opportunities to start earning online, and we are not talking about those clicking websites that require you to spend all day in front of the computer to make few bucks. We are talking about real jobs that reward real efforts.

1. Tutoring


Students from elementary, middle, and high schools are under constant pressure to study more and earn good grades. Almost all students have gaps in their knowledge, and the easiest solution for them to grasp the complex concepts is to get help from a tutor. However, tutoring has evolved from the old-fashioned one-on-one method to an online process. It doesn’t matter what type of degree you have earned – you can use it as long as there is demand for tutors from that niche. No one is asking you to start your own tutoring service; that would be a massive investment that requires too much effort. You can use platforms that will provide you with all tools you need: TutorClass, Wyzant, Scriblink and many others – and all that’s left on your shoulders is to put your knowledge into practice and start attracting more and more students into your virtual classroom.

2. Blogging

Blogging is fun, motivating, and inspiring. On top of everything, you can make a significant income from it. If you have something to say about a hobby, interest, or obsession of yours, go ahead and start a blog. However, there is a catch: you have to be very committed to maintaining the blog regularly if you want to make it profitable. Post content regularly and don’t allow it to sit there without providing some revenue – use Google AdSense and start earning money from your blog.

3. Freelancing

Starting a blog and making it successful is a long process that requires huge determination. If you don’t own a popular blog, it would be wiser to start freelancing and get good money for your content right from the start. Most freelance writing positions require specialization in certain topics, so you can use your education and knowledge to profit on it. However, there are also more relaxed topics you can write about, such as beauty, food, travel, different hobbies, and everything else that comes to your mind.

4. Flipping domain names

This is a business based on good strategy and some luck. However you see it, domain name flipping is a productive and lucrative way of making money online. If you know how real estate works, you will understand the concept of domain name flipping easily – you buy old, unattractive domains, make them cooler and sell for a much higher price. Of course, this requires some skills and investing, so don’t get into it of you don’t feel confident that you will make it in this competitive environment.

5. Selling stock photos


If photography is your hobby, you can make a living from it by selling stock photos. Many people, businesses, and website are willing to pay for photos relevant to their requirements, so you should submit any photo that looks good and label it with keywords. Once you post the photo, you’ll just have to wait for your income to start arriving. Although you won’t make a lot per sale, the money will add up and you can end up getting a significant monthly income. ShutterStock, iStockphoto and Fotolia are the best places to start with this business.

6. Customer service

There isn’t a successful business without a great customer service department. The number of businesses on the market is constantly growing, which means that the demand for trained customer service representatives is ever-increasing. When it comes to online businesses, they are always looking for home-based customer service agents to hire. This job involves answering calls and communicating with the customers via live chat and e-mail.

7. Online mystery shopping

You have surely heard of mystery shoppers, but do you know they exist in the virtual world as well? Wouldn’t it be cool to make a job out of online shopping? However, you have to be careful in the beginning and prepare yourself to front the cost of the purchases you make, because the reimbursements depend on your skills as a mystery shopper.

8. Social media

So you love spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites. Do you know they can help you make money? No matter what your money-making online activities are, you should promote them on your social media profiles. You already have a base of people who are following the content you publish, so you can easily increase your income by promoting your projects and yourself.

9. Test smartphone apps

Application developers are willing to pay to people who will test their upcoming apps and provide valuable feedback on them. If you have good times with your smartphone and know your way around many applications, why don’t you use uTest and get paid for it?

10. Answer questions


If you know a lot of information or you know how to get the information someone needs, you should use that knowledge into your advantage. and are the best places to start answering questions and get money in return.


Everyone needs steady income to survive. The economy is tough on all of us and it’s getting more and more difficult to find a job you would love. If you can’t earn money the traditional way, the Internet welcomes you to explore amazing opportunities and find interesting online jobs that will help you make a living. Even if you have a real job, earning additional income could never hurt. However, you have to be careful and involve yourself only in safe and proven ways of making money online!

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