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It’s so easy to be negative in a world where something wrong is bound to happen every turn you make. Being positive somehow becomes harder especially when you know that for each piece of happiness you find, one wrong move can make it all go away.

However, you should also remember that bad things happen everyday, even to the best kinds of people. This is why you only have two choices: stay negative and brace yourself for the bad that’s going to happen or be positive and sail through the bad things with less drama.

1. Find the good in the bad.

stop being negative

No matter how bad it looks, there is always a good side to everything. When you miss out on that promotion you’ve been eyeing, just be thankful that you won’t get a load of extra responsibilities just yet. When your car breaks down in the morning, be thankful that you have the chance to walk to work, which is something you haven’t done for the past how many months.

2. Look for lessons.

Every difficult situation has something to teach you. This is something that allows you to mature as a person. If you are always stressed out because of the difficult people at work, think about the patience that this is teaching you. When you see somebody else taking credit for your work, just be thankful that you have more values and would never have to stoop that low, and learn how to choose the people you trust next time.

3. Make your environment brighter.

Look at the place you live and the things you own. Are your shades always drawn? Is your home filled with clutter? Let the sunshine in and start giving yourself more space to move. Is everything you own black or gray? Why don’t you try going for something a little brighter next time. You don’t have to go for hot pink or bright orange. Whites would be just fine.

4. Surround yourself with happy people.

Yes, your environment would include the people around you. Ask yourself: who do I spend the most time with? Assess each of their personalities. Do I hear more negative from them than positive? The personality of the people around you will always rub off on you. Start hanging out with positive people more so that you can adopt their mindset as well.

5. Don’t rush things.

dont rush things

People think that when they do things quicker, they also accomplish more. What people do not realize is that more often than not, rushing things would heighten not only the level of stress but the possibility of things failing as well. Take time in everything that you do to add a higher level of quality in your output. Slowing down would also allow you to enjoy each step you take, decreasing the amount of stress that usually comes with anything that you do in a rush.

6. Stop imagining mountains.

No, that problem is not going to go away. But no, that problem is not impossible to solve either. Sometimes, people become negative because they make mountains out of molehills. It’s a bad moment, not a bad life. Did you miss out on lunch? There will be hundreds and thousands of other lunches to look forward to. Forgot your wallet at home? It’s not the end of the world. Remember that as long as it doesn’t kill you, it’s okay.

7. Let go of fears.

Fears are designed to hinder you from getting to whatever makes you happy. However, as long as you let your fears eat you up, you are never going to be happy. Are you in constant fear that your husband will eventually cheat on you? Well, he’s not cheating now and you’re wasting time trying to make things miserable for him that he might actually think about doing just that. Afraid that you’ll end up lonely? This will only make you latch onto unhealthy relationships, making your life even more miserable than it should be.

8. Spread positivity.

Even when you’re having a tough day, smile at that person next to you. Who knows, they might be going through something even worse than you. Plus, helping someone have a better day is a great way to brighten your mood, pushing that negative vibe even further away.

9. Sleep and eat better.

How can you be happy on a stomach full of junk and with dark circles under your eyes? Leave enough room for sleeping and choose healthier options when you eat. Less sickness, less to worry about, more happy thoughts.

10. Be conscious of everything that happens throughout the day.

Be conscious

You can actually control almost everything that happens throughout the day. Take advantage of these moments and leave the rest of what you can’t control. Make sure you are conscious of all the things happening around you so that you can make better choices and avoid the options that would set you up for failure.

Staying positive is the best option in a world that usually promises doom. After all, it’s your life. And no matter how bad they make it seem on TV, you’re the one living it so you might as well enjoy the ride.

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