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Taking up photography as a new hobby to explore is an amazing thing to do. Photography is one of those arts that can express your personality better. However, a lot of people who want to tackle photography get intimidated by it. With all the high-tech camera units and confusing composition tricks, new photography enthusiasts should make it a point to continuously study the art. Studying doesn’t have to be through the conventional kind – enrolling in school and taking photography courses. There are tons of video channels on YouTube that talk about the basics and in-depth photography for FREE! These channels can be extremely helpful, especially for newbie shooters.

Here are 10 YouTube channels that both new and seasoned photographers must visit.



Vastly regarded as the experienced source for anything related to photography, B&H has always been the site to visit for image, video, audio, and digital photography needs. The site offers reviews and how-to tips on various devices used for entertainment and sports photography.

Joe Edelman


This is the YouTube channel of renowned photographer, Joe Edelman, who is currently creating model portfolios all over the world. Joe provides online lectures on various photography and modeling topics. Thus, his videos are prominently about tips and tricks for both photographers and models.

The Art of Photography


The Art of Photography is one of the go-to channels for various kinds of photography. The vlogs, uploaded thrice a week, talk about photography and videography techniques, film and digital photography, the vast history of photography, image composition and a lot more. The site also offers Masterclass Live, a special video blog that discusses photography themes more extensively.

Photography Exposed


This YouTube channel is established by long-time photographer Mike Brown, a full-time, multi-awarded photographer who started professionally over a decade ago. In Photography Exposed, he talks about various tips, tricks and techniques on how to shoot better pictures. He also shares his own personal shooting experiences. A new video is uploaded to the channel every Friday.

DigitalRev TV

DigitalRev TV

Tagged as the world’s most viewed and subscribed photography channel, DigitalRev TV in YouTube is an extension of DigitalRev TV website, which is a photography social network, a superstore, and TV show rolled into one. DigitalRev TV uploads new photography vlogs twice a week. The vlog usually talks about photography gadget reviews, photography features in gadgets, techniques, and tricks.

Photo Gavin


Photo Gavin’s YouTube channel is a part of the GavTrain website established by freelance photographer, Gavin Hoey. In his YouTube channel where he posts videos on a regular basis, Hoey talks about information, guidelines, and tricks about the technical side of photography – composition, light, shade, the rule of three, and the likes. He also tackles Photoshop tricks and tutorials. Occasional product reviews are also posted in Hoey’s channel.

DSLR Dave Dugdale


Dave Dugdale’s YouTube channel is an extension of his photography site, Learning DSLR Video. As the title implies, the videos found on his YouTube site are primarily related to the use of the DSLR. Apart from the usual DSLR tips and tricks, Dave uploads videos about his DSLR blunders and mishaps so budding photographers can learn from his mistakes. From time to time, he posts camera and microchip reviews as well as studies and statistics relating to DSLR photography.

Phlearn LLC


This YouTube channel is part of Phlearn’s social networking invasion. It’s a free tutorial channel designed especially for new photography dabblers. It’s also a YouTube channel where seasoned and pro shooters can learn a thing or two. The channel’s video list primarily comprises Photoshop tutorials and techniques.

The Camera Store TV


The Camera Store TV YouTube channel is hosted by full-time professional photographer and salesman, Chris Nicholls. The YouTube channel provides the latest information and news about photography and videography. Nicholls features various cameras and photography gears usually found on the main website. He videos actual indoor or outdoor testing of the products. Sometimes, he uploads previews and impressions of soon-to-be released photography gadgets.

SLR Lounge


This YouTube photography channel is community-driven. It’s a hub for Photography 101 – the fundamentals of photography that every shooter should know. It also caters to seasoned and professional shooters with videos tackling in-depth Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. The channel talks about anything and everything about photography, making it one of the most used resources for both newbie and seasoned photographers online.

If you wish to dabble on photography, all the aforementioned channels can greatly help you start your hobby in the right direction. Don’t get overwhelmed with the vast information you’ll find. Instead, focus at one topic at a time. And remember, to become a better shooter, you must practice all the time.

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