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Seeing everything you need all in one place is great. With a minimalist theme, you’ll be able to have a clean look that can help you achieve a more organized style. Sure, you can explain things using words, but having an easily recognizable image to associate an action with, particularly when you’re designing an app or other digital products, can help make everything look so much simpler.

Enter line icons. Line icons are great to use when aiming for a minimalist look. They are small icons which easily represent ideas or actions for apps or other digital purposes. Line icon packs can be used to switch up a phone’s look or perhaps create icons which stand for actions when developing apps.

Why are line icons so hip?

Today’s smartphones have menus which present icons that are easily recognizable. They stand for things like your gallery, music player, file organizer, email and message inbox – these are the shortcuts to the features or apps you use the most. If you want a new look for your menu or say you’re developing an app which needs icons for fast access to actions, line icons are your best choice for a trendy yet minimalist look.

Line icons are sleek, clean, and easy to understand. Anyone who’s been using a computer or a smartphone would easily know what an inbox or an “upload to cloud” icon represents. With these simplified representations of actions in your mobile device, your user interface becomes more visually appealing.

Some line icons have their own borders, while others are made up of slender lines which form rounded or sharp-cornered images. If you’re aiming for a cubist, retro, or minimalist design, or if you’re simply looking for a refreshing change to your user interface or app design, consider using these cool line icon sets I’ve found. Their linear quality and overall clean appeal will help you achieve that “less is more” look!

1. 2090 icons in UniGrid set

2090 icons in UniGrid set

Unigrid contains 2090 outline vector icons divided into following categories: Appliances, Baby, Basic, Biology, Buildings, Clothing & Accessories, Design, Devices, Finance, Food, Fruits & vegetables, Holidays, Human, Interior, Layout, Maps & Travel, Mechanics, Military, Multimedia, Nature, Security, Science, Sport, Symbols & Arrows, Tools, Vehicles.

Buy $65

2. 2800+ Line Vector Icons Bundle

2800+ Line Vector Icons Bundle

This is a collection of 2800+ perfectly lined vector icons in an all-inclusive bundle. These include line vector from a christmas theme, sports theme, finance theme, media theme, and all have been made using perfect outlines so you can use them as you wish and edit them according to your need, resize them or modify them and add them as buttons or as design elements in your websites, prints, cards, magazines and whatever else you want. This is the biggest bundle of vector icons you’ll ever need!

Buy $63

3. 2,080 iOS 8, iOS 7 & Android Icons

2,080 iOS 8, iOS 7 & Android Icons

Pixel perfect and ready for iOS 8, iOS 7, Android, and websites. All icons made at Icons Mind are designed on a precise grid system to ensure consistency and crisp display.

Buy $69

4. Picons Thin

Picons Thin - $20 Off

This is a brand new, super slick, elegant & modern iconset. All icons are iOS 8 & Android ready, pixel perfect on both 24- and 30-px grids, making it a must-have iconset for every developer and designer.

The bundle comes with vector source files (AI, EPS and PDF), a Photoshop file with icons as Custom Shapes (PSD), a special CSH file for importing all the icons into your Custom Shape toolbar, and each icon as transparent PNG (available in 8 different sizes: 24×24, 48×48, 72×72, 96×96 and 30×30, 60×60, 90×90, 120×120. We also included SVG’s of each icon so you can create your own individual font.

Buy $69

5. 600 Stroke Vector Icons

600 Stroke Vector Icons

What you get are 600 hand-crafted icons, carefully designed on a 16×16-pixel grid, sharing the same visual language. Inside you’ll find generally used pictograms as well as icons for eCommerce, business, electronics, weather, emoticons etc.

Buy $20

6. Streamline Icons (1640 iOS 8 icons)

1640 ios 8 icons -Streamline Icons

Streamline is one of the largest iOS 8 style pack ever released! These icons are optimized for iOS and Android. Each icon was designed first for iOS screens, then redesigned for Android screens.

Buy $69

7. 500 Line Vector Icons

500 Line Vector Icons

Here is an assortment of a 500 Line Vector Icons for all kinds of your design work. Now you’ll never have to design a line vector icon from scratch or find different ones from different sources. This extensive collection is all you’ll need to make your Line Vector Icons library. In this collection, we are putting together easily customizable icons, available in a variety of formats, so you have complete freedom to use and edit them as you wish. They are also optimized, so you won’t have to worry about how they will appear.

Buy $11

8. Elton (Over 250 icons for your apps)


More than 250 icons optimized for iOS 7 & 8, outline (unselected) & full shape version (selected).

Buy $12

9. 1430 Line Icons Bundle

1430 Line Icons Bundle

Here’s a collection of a whole bunch of Line Icons, available in a wide range of file formats. More than 1000 icons to choose from, you’ll find this bundle your very own extensive library that you can save and play around with.

Outlined neatly, these icons will prove to be very useful to you as they cover a wide range of topics, from books, folders, signs, boards, gifts, clothes, clothing and apparel, food and drinks, speech bubbles, user icons, decoration, currency, tools, arrows, signals, iOS, Android, web icons and many more.

Buy $27

10. Sympletts


500+ elegant & minimalistic stroke vector icons, for web or print. Real stroke files included, on these you can adjust the line weight by yourself with a few clicks if you want to. Outline versions also inside as well for those wanting to use them as they are. 3 weights already inside the pack. A wide variety of categories are covered. File formats included are AI, EPS, PDF, AI Legacy Files, PSD, and SVG and CSH, PNG.

Buy $20

11. 1000 Vector Line Icons Set

1000 Vector Line Icons Set

These icons are designed in line style. You can control the thickness of the lines by changing the stroke of the outline. Whether your design requires hairline or bold stokes, you can always modify the icons using Adobe illustrator. Each icon was designed on a pixel perfect grid to ensure maximum comparability with your designs.

Buy $35


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