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A house is a house: a home a home. If you are fortunate enough to have either, chances are you won’t discriminate against its style. Sometimes, though, fun and unconventional style homes are extremely great to look at, especially tree houses.

Not only do they break the mold of traditional architecture, they remind us of childhood tales, and that there is no set way of doing anything. Their aesthetics alone are very inspiring, even if you don’t use them for your own dream tree house ideas. Here is additional reading if you’re planning on tackling your own tree house project.

HemLoft Treehouse


HemLoft Treehouse2

HemLoft Treehouse3

The HemLoft Treehouse is a quaint, sphere-shaped tree house with bridge-suspended, circular steps that lead up to the door. Unlike other tree houses that build the house notched into a cranny between a branch and the trunk, this house completely surrounds the trunk only. It is complete with windows and even a staircase!

The Minister’s Treehouse

The ministers house

The Minister’s Treehouse

The Minister’s Tree House is a large complex the width of many trees. This tree house, the largest in the world, has 5 stories and over 80 rooms. Minister Horace Burgess, who built the house in 1993, was praying when God told him, “if you build a tree house, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” The 90-feet-tall house has a surrounding deck and a bell tower that chimes every day. The tree house has been visited by many, although the house is presently closed.

Luxury Tree House

luxury house 4

luxury houses 3

luxury tree house

luxury treehouse 1

The Luxury Tree House is a modern piece tucked in a private area of moss and shrubs. Its sleek design gives the tree house a more normal house-like appearance than others. The tree house has a jagged, rectangular shape, made of angles that give it a simultaneously edgy and funky mood. The tree house has been designed to include a backyard as well.

HP Tree House by MMP Architects

HP Tree House

HP Tree House2

HP Tree House3

HP Tree House4

HP Tree House5

By looking at the HP Tree House, one would not assume it is a tree house. The furniture is well designed and lit, and could be the scene of a romantic get-away in a James Bond or Charlie’s Angels movie. The only indication that it is a tree house is the fact that it is suspended in typical tree-house fashion: high up, with a location that surrounds it with greenery.

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse2

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse3

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse4

The Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouses are a series of tree houses that guarantee privacy for the occupants. One house is a two-story house built on the foundation of three trees, with a circular design and open windows throughout. Another is a two-story house build on the foundation of two trees and has a rectangular design. Another one is larger, and includes the fun addition of a wooden bridge suspended by rope. There are seven tree houses in total and all are remarkably beautiful and secluded, making them the perfect getaway.

Sphere Tree House

Sphere Tree House

Sphere Tree House2

Sphere Tree House4

Sphere Tree House5

The Sphere Tree House is a tiny, one-room, sphere-shaped tree house suspended by rope attachments that connect to the tree. The house includes anything one would need: a single bed, counter space, a table, and shelving.

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