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The Bird’s Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen3

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen2

The Bird's Nest by Inrednin Gsgruppen

From the outside, the Bird’s Nest looks exactly like, well, a bird’s nest. The exterior is thickly decorated with branches and twigs that hide the marvelousness that is its true design. Inside exists a multi-roomed home, enclosed by circular, tightly seamed walls, and tiny round windows. The house is held up by many trees, and is one of the five hotel rooms available on the Tree Hotel Site.

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House5

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House2

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House1

Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake Housev

If you’re looking for a visually out-of-this-world experience, visit the Portuguese Elevated Tree Snake House. The Tree Snake house, which suspended into the air and shaped in an elongated form like that of a snake, is on a sloped surface and is entered by means of a bridge. Modern architecture is the major influence on the design inside of the home, with off-white paneled walls that are slightly mechanical in form.

Office Treehouse

Office Treehouse3

Office Treehouse2

Office Treehouse

Due to the tendency to be impersonal, working in an office building can be quite dull. In the Office Treehouse, however, this is not an issue. This square-shaped house is wonderfully immersed in nature, complete with a grassy ceiling and an inspiring pristine lake view. The building has large windows and just the perfect amount of space to get work done.

Boeing 747 Treehouse in Costa Rica

Boeing 747 Treehouse in Costa Rica4

Boeing 747 Treehouse in Costa Rica3

Boeing 747 Treehouse in Costa Rica2

Boeing 747 Treehouse in Costa Rica

This tree house in Costa Rica has been made into a lovely hotel room from the discarded remains of a Boeing 747 airplane. The room is completely filled with beautiful rich wood, opens out to a marvelous balcony with chairs, and has luxury items such as a half-flight of stairs and television. The room looks out into the idyllic Costa Rican ocean, making it perfect for a solo or romantic getaway. They even kept the cockpit!

The Mirrorcube Tree House in Sweden

The Mirrorcube Tree House in Sweden3

The Mirrorcube Tree House in Sweden1

The Mirrorcube Tree House in Sweden

The Mirrorcube Tree House in Sweden is not your average tree house by any means. High-end architects have given the house aluminum walls that act as mirrors, blending in with its environment to a level other tree houses cannot. At the same time these walls give it a strikingly modern appearance that is hard to ignore. Inside, the room is complete with chairs and a bed using an extremely minimalist style.

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse3

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse2

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse

The Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouse was made to take going on a safari to the next level, allowing those who use it comfort while still maintaining an earthly relationship with the wildlife. The room, which is one of eight on-site, does not have any electricity and is entirely open to the elements. Still, the tree house is suspended enough to keep it safe.

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