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Everyone ideally wants to live an exciting, productive and happy life full of accomplishments and rewards. However, to achieve success and become a happy individual, one needs sufficient time to make adjustments to reach this coveted level of happiness and emotional or financial satisfaction. Here are 12 secrets that can help an individual enjoy a longer life full of exciting experiences, learning, and productive work.



1) Reduce the intensity and occurrences of panic, anxiety and worries in life. Stress and panic are normal responses of the body to physical or psychological “threats”, but worrying excessively about everything that happens around can dramatically lower one’s self-confidence, ruin one’s emotional well-being, and diminish the mental alertness needed to be productive at work, training or academic studies. One should learn to “let go” and enjoy the present moment without thinking too much about what might happen in the future, which is also associated with health benefits, such as a lower risk for depression and a healthier metabolism.

2) Eliminating bad habits, such as drug abuse, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes. If a person is a substance abuser, he or she needs to seek immediate help to restore his or her life and become a productive individual. Drug and alcohol addiction can be treated in specialized rehab facilities, and smoking cessation is made easier by using electronic cigarettes.

3) Sustain and protect strong family connections. When one feels insecure and anxious about negative events in their life, the happiness associated with time spend with family members is virtually irreplaceable. It contributes strongly to mental health and well-being.

4) Create and preserve valuable friendships. Friends are the most important asset one may have because they can help one overcome adversity and feel loved and protected. One of the secrets for a longer life is to create and maintain valuable, fruitful friendships with productive, warm individuals.

5) Accomplishing one’s dreams is a solid step towards reaching happiness and a long, healthy life. Quitting on a dream because it is too difficult to accomplish may later transform into frustration and regret, which can shorten one’s life and damage mental health.

6) Enjoying the present day and being aware of what is happening right now, instead of dwelling on the past or the future helps one become more alert and notice attractive opportunities.

7) Engaging in regular exercise to achieve an attractive body and decent levels of physical fitness is great for one’s physical health and mental well-being. Instead of worrying about the pain associated with intense exercise, one should focus on the future benefits and make small, baby steps towards achieving fitness goals.

8) Choosing a job that matches one’s capabilities and talents is an integral part of happiness and mental health. Individuals who are courageous enough to quit a “bad” job that does not utilize their talents are able to achieve success by refusing to settle for anything less than they deserve.

9) Finding a hobby or a passion is a great way to relieve physical and mental tension associated with work or family problems. Everyone needs an escape to their private place where they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

10) Being loyal to a cause, a community, a team or a group of people. Loyalty brings peace of mind and a feeling of belonging. Choosing to be loyal has many rewards in terms of psychological well-being.

11) Adopting a nutritious, well-balanced diet rich in green vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish, fruits, nuts and seeds contributes to physical health and can prevent multiple diseases. Individuals are encouraged to reduce as much as possible their intake of high-fat, processed foods and sugar.

12) Undergoing regular, yearly medical examination to detect any health abnormalities and treat diseases in their early stages is a solid step that helps preserve one’s health for many years. Ignoring minor medical complaints can result in a significant negative impact on one’s health later, when doctors are attempting to treat severe complications rather than the initial minor symptoms.

Making gradual adjustments to one’s life according to these secrets can help an individual enjoy a longer, fulfilling life abundant in exciting, colorful events and rewards. It takes patience and dedication to implement these secrets, but with sufficient desire to live a healthier life, anyone can do it.


Posted by John Madden

John Madden writes about alternatives to smoking for Ecigarette Reviewed. After years of battling anxiety and panic disorder, he credits quitting smoking and drinking to helping him rekindle a more carefree outlook on life.

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