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Most offices are boring and do not really have anything at all remarkable to them.

These offices have the standard beige colors and the standard office design with cubicles in one area and maybe some offices for the big bosses and a couple of plants here and there.

Most offices are often standard-looking and uninspiring—and that’s why these offices listed below are so remarkable for they really went all out and made sure that their office space was anything but boring.

The use of colors, textures, lights, and space are outstanding and they have set themselves as the benchmark for what stylish offices ought to look like.

Uber’s San Francisco Headquarters

Uber’s San Francisco Headquarters4

Uber’s San Francisco Headquarters3

Uber’s San Francisco Headquarters1

Uber’s San Francisco Headquarters

Uber is a ridesharing service that is based in San Francisco, CA. They operate in multiple cities all over the world. Their offices have an open floor plan with lots of wood in the form of solid Hickory stations, maple veneered side panels, and maple and steel tables in the coffee bar, if this has made you want to drive Uber, get in contact with a company like Hire Brid & get started on your Uber journey today.

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters7

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters5

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters3

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters2

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters1

Beats by Dr. Dre’s Culver City Headquarters

This Company is a division of Apple Inc. and they produce high-end audio products. Their office has a very organic yet futuristic feel to it–as displayed by the numerous mirrors and patterns available. They even refer to the one Building A as the “Mothership”. They also have a café, gym, and swing space in Building B. While Building C houses a state-of -the-art acoustics testing lab.

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters5

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters4

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters3

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters1

Airbnb’s San Francisco Headquarters

Airbnb is a website where people can go and look at listings for homes for rent in 33,000 cities in 192 countries. Their global headquarters has a very eclectic mix of designs but the overall theme is that the spaces in their 100-year old building make us of an open and airy feel. They make great use of colors, textures, skylights, and wall art to add spice to their spaces.

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters6

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters4

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters3

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters2

Evernote’s Redwood City Headquarters

This company specializes in designing a suite of software and services geared specifically for archiving and note-taking. Their office space reflects their culture: productive, comfortable, and collaborative. It has a simple plan with lots of private spaces for large and small teams to work in and they make use of a warm color palette that is rich without being too decorative.

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters5

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters3

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters4

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters2

Treehouse’s Portland Headquarters

This is part of the global startup scene and is an online school that teaches students how to make apps. Their offices in Portland showcases walnut standing desks, a screening area, communal eating space, ping pong table, and a production studio they use to make films of their courses.

Google’s Dublin Campus

Google’s Dublin Campus7

Google’s Dublin Campus6

Google’s Dublin Campus5

Google’s Dublin Campus4

Google’s Dublin Campus3

Google’s Dublin Campus1

Google’s Dublin Campus

Google is the largest search engine company in the world as they are known to provide a host of other products and services. Their Dublin Campus is stunning. It makes use of dazzling contemporary design concepts and use primary colors found in their logo. Their furniture-as-art design concept results in wide open spaces that never look spare.

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