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You might have read about wordpress plugin for various purposes like SEO plugin, comment plugin, social sharing plugin etc. But do you know any plugin for managing your wordpress templates? There are very few plugins for theme management; here I compiled a list of few plugins that give you full control over your worpress theme and its related things.

1. Theme test drive

This tiny plugin will allow you to test drive any themes as an administrator when the site is LIVE but the users can’t see the changes you made in your blog. So you can easily customize the template and preview the changes you have made, when you think the changes works perfect then you can make it live for the users.

2. WP Touch

A powerful mobile theme for your blog, it automatically transforms your blog into a form that can be viewed from all smart phones such as iOS devices, Blackberry, Android mobiles and much more.

3. Theme Switch and Preview

It’s a must plugin for theme development as you can make changes to your blog templates without affecting visitors. You can also use it for presentation to show various templates.

4. Theme Tweaker Lite

This is little script which displays all colors of your existing template and give you the color picker tool to pick the right color code of the part you hover to replace them with your favorite colors. It also allows you to preview the changes you have made and activate the changes once it gets finished.

5. Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)

This is one of the most mandatory plugin you need to install in your blog. There are many free themes available on web and they are not 100% secure to install it in your blog because they may contains malicious code or hacking scripts which may cause severe damage to your side.

By installing this plugin, it will take care of all themes related issues. It will scan your templates from top to bottom for any malicious or unwanted PHP code hidden in your templates. Once it found anything suspicious it will highlights the path, line number with a small snippet of suspect code. Then it’s up to you to remove the code or find any solution to fix it.

6. WP Scheduled Themes

Auto schedule theme for special occasions and holiday seasons so your reader will very much impressed on your blog. Before auto scheduling any template please make sure whether it works perfectly with your blog in order to avoid any theme related issues.

7. Theme to browser (T2B) Control

Very advanced theme management plugin for your wordpress blog. It automatically display different theme based on browser the visitor use. Excellent admin panel of this plugin allow these transformation possible.

8. Solid Code Theme Editor

An advanced theme editor which displays all of your files and folders in a better tree view.

9. Power Code Editor

It will do a similar function like notepad++. It will highlight syntax of the themes or plugin which makes easier to edit all wordpress templates.

10. WP Live CSS Editor

It allows you to edit, preview and save your CSS files of your templates in real-time. My advice is to have a data back up before editing by using this plugin because wrong usage of this plugin will lead to malfunctioning of your template.

11. Themes Shorcodes

It has collections of shortcodes provided as a plugin. The aim of this plugin is to collect all shortcodes in one location.

12. Multi Themes

This plugin allows to have different wordpress themes to different networks in multisite atmosphere. Once installed, this plugin will create separate templates into different directories so they are only accessible to the network you choose.

13. Theme My Login

There are some pages in wordpress like Registration, login page and pass recovery page which will be totally different from the theme you are using for your blog. By installing this plugin in your blog it will customize the login section, registration forms etc., of your wordpress blog according to the current template you use.

Hope the given list plugin will be useful for you for effective theme management. Do you know any other similar plugins, please let us know in comments. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook (100% Spam Free!) If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to help us spread the word by sharing this article with your peers!

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