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Designers world-wide are getting ready for the public release of iOS 7. That means redesigning current applications to fit the theme of iOS 7. According to Apple, iOS 7 is scheduled to be released this fall. A beta version of the operating system is currently available for developers. Technology blogs speculate it will be released at the same time as the new iPhone 5S.

The new radically overhauled interface has been receiving negative opinions from critics like The Verge, VentureBeat, and The Atlantic, calling the new OS design “blinding,” “harsh,” and “ugly.” From my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s that bad. iOS 7 is beautiful, but the icons are pretty ugly. Some are ok, like the calendar icon. However the mail, Appstore, iTunes, weather, video, settings, iTunes radio, notification center, Siri, settings, Air drop, and Safari are pretty hideous.

I’m positive that Jony Ive doesn’t live under a rock. I think he’s constantly listening to major critics, and the development of iOS 7 is ongoing. As we get closer to the official release, the design inconsistency will quite possibly be addressed. And if for some reason it does not, then I guess we will just have to deal with it.


I recently found a cool Tumblog that showcases side by side examples of iOS 7 redesigns. Here’s the link if you’re interested: Jason Reed currently manages the blog and promises to keep posting new designs on a frequent basis. I decided to the redesigns with you today. Even though most examples below are unofficial concepts, they would fit perfectly with the nature of iOS 7. Enjoy!


Also check out, that blog is hilarious.

1. Nike iOS7 Redesign

Nike iOS7 Redesign

2. Viber

Viber iOS7

3. Facebook iOS 7 Redesign

Facebook iOS 7 Redesign

4. Vine App iOS 7 Redesign


5. CloudApp iOS 7 Redesign

CloudApp i

6. Slopes iOS7 Redesign (official)

Activities - iOS7 by Curtis Herbert

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