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People who are in the design field understand that appearance is everything, especially when it comes to typography. To designers, typography is a form of art, just as necessary as the words themselves, and tailored to the people who read the typography.

Whether it is something on the Internet, or something that is printed on the outside of a box, the right kind of typeface can make or break a design. Designers count and deserve great tools to improve their workflow. Here are 13 handy typography tools to make your life easier. Enjoy!

What font

WhatFont Tool - The easiest way to inspect fonts in webpages « Chengyin Liu (20140704)

Found a font you like on a website? Want to add it to your collection, but can’t figure out what it is? No worries! With WhatFont installed, you can easily find out what typeface that is with a click of a button.


TypeWonder - Beta (20140704)

TypeWonder is a service that allows designers to get all the font information from any webpage instantly. On the TypeWonder webpage there is a box where you can paste the URL of a website and see all of the fonts they use on their page.


The Web Font Combinator | A Web Typography Tool (20140704)

The Web Font Combinator is a typography tool that lets designers preview different combinations of fonts in a browser-like manner. The webpage itself has built-in controls, and with these control, designers can alter things like the font, the size, the color, and other aspects of font.

Practical Typography

Practical Typography

Practical Typography is an incredible resource that’s worthy of your attention. The site covers the important aspects of typography. Users can go through every chapter that is posted, and read it over, to understand how to use typography effectively.


? (20140704)

Typewolf is a blog that features beautiful websites in the wild and tell you the exact typeface they use. They also link to lots of educational articles articles regarding typography.

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

This tool is an actual calculator that can recommend a font type and style. With the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator, all designers have to do is enter in the information, press the button, and they will get recommendations on what font will look the best for whatever project they’re working on.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome, the iconic font and CSS toolkit (20140704)

Font Awesome is a GitHub project created by Dave Gandy. There you’ll find scalable vector icons that can be instantly customized in terms of size, color, drop shadow, etc.



Fffallback is a website that can help designers find the right font, but can also help them find a fallback font just in case it is needed. Ffffallback can be integrated into a browser, and the software will help designers choose a new font and also a fallback font.



Tiff is a webpage that gives designers a visual way to compare what two fonts look like. Sometimes, it is easier for designers to choose a font when they can compare it to another one, and Tiff will allow them to do a simple side by side comparison of different fonts.


Fontdeck web fonts-Real fonts for your website (20140704)

Font Deck is a website that offers professional typefaces that are designed specifically for the Internet. Their catalogue has thousands of fonts that have been designed by professionals. The employees at Font Deck have a working relationship with professionals who are updating the catalog constantly with new fonts all the time. To help make it easy to find the right fonts, Font Deck also offers a tutorial for those that need any kind of assistance finding the right fonts.


Design in the browser with web fonts and real content - Typecast (20140704)

Typecast offers designers a tool that can help them create a web layout that looks exactly like the tool that helped create it. Sometimes when people use a tool what they see, and what reality is, are not the same thing, which can be frustrating for designers and their clients as well.

Font Matrix

Font Matrix (20140704)

Front Matrix makes it very easy to know which font will work with a particular operating system. On the Font Matrix page there is a giant chart which has all the operating systems currently available, and will indicate whether each font will work with that OS or not as indicated by the letter X.

Pxtoem to EM conversion made simple. (20140704)

PX to EM makes font conversions easy because all a designer has to do is enter in the font size, and it will instantly be converted.

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