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Just like simple logo designs have their own “secret” meanings and symbolisms, operating systems also have hidden (or not so hidden) tricks. Apple’s iOS 8 is a prime example of an operating system that’s brimming with tips and tricks that make the use of the iPhone a lot convenient and productive.

Want to find out these tricks? Here are 15 impressive iOS 8 hacks that will make your life easier and your work more productive.

ios 8 tips

Auto-Fill Payment Forms

Are you an avid Amazon or Netflix shopper? Save time and hassle from manually filling yet another Amazon or Netflix payment form by just scanning your credit card. When you scan your card, Safari will automatically and safely input your card’s name, account number and expiration date for you. Look for the “Scan Credit Card” option to use this feature.

Customized Group Names

Do you always send a message to the wrong group? To avoid confusion and incorrectly sending messages, you can now name your group messages in the Messages app. This will make group messaging a lot more organized and less befuddling. Anyone in it can edit or rename the group’s name, too.

Sharing Multiple Pictures Feature

Saw your hottie neighbor and want to instantly share the photo goodness to your friends? You’ll definitely enjoy the new iOS 8 feature where you can share multiple recent photos via email and text faster than before. The five-image limit is finally gone.

Sharing Current Location Feature

Asking someone to pick you up because you’re lost (again)? Share your iPhone’s exact location to track you down easily. You can share your whereabouts from your phone’s Messages app.

New Tools for Photo Editing

Do you frequently use your iPhone’s camera to create tap-worthy Instagram photos? Enjoy the new photo editing tools of iOS 8. They feature a new layout, better composition tools, and smarter adjustments, just to name a few.

Interactive Notifications

Getting tired of going from one app to another just to deal with your notifications? With the new interactive notification trick in iOS 8, you can respond to messages and emails faster, mark a reminder complete or deal with your calendar invites from anywhere on your device. No more switching apps, no more going back and forth.

Deleted Photos Recovery

Accidentally erased a photo or deliberately deleted one but now regretting your action? You still have a saving grace, thanks to the new OS’s deleted photo recovery feature. Look for the “Recently Deleted” album and you’re saved!

Message Storage Restrictions

Is your brimming message history taking up a lot of storage space? By default, every message on your iPhone is stored forever. With the new “Keep Messages” option, you now have the opportunity to keep messages for a month, a year, or forever.

Battery-Draining Apps Detection Feature

Getting frustrated because your battery keeps dropping down without you using the phone? Finding the culprit/s is now easy to do. Check the “Battery Usage” for each apps installed on your device and see which application is draining your battery.

No Hands “Hey, Siri”

Want to impress someone (who’s not aware of this trick, that is) and command Siri without using your hands? Look for “Allow Hey Siri” tab and to customize a no-hand, voice-activated command. Any unit older than iPhone 6 and 6+ must be connected to a power source to use this feature though.

Siri-Shazam Team-Up

Heard a song you instantly like but can’t figure out the title? Thanks to the Siri and Shazam team-up, you can easily identify the title of the song. Another kickass feature of this collaboration is its direct link to purchase the song via iTunes.

Safari Desktop Request

Are mobile versions of websites not your cup of tea? Thankfully, Safari has finally included an option where you can request the desktop version of a website. It took Apple a while to adopt this feature that Chrome users have been enjoying for some time now.


Frustrated with how you can’t get the perfect selfie or groupie? iOS 8 now features a self-timer that can help you take the amazing non-blurry selfie/groufie shot. The great thing is you no longer need to buy a third-party app to enjoy the mobile self-timer.

Reader Mode Available

Having a hard time enlarging a website text to properly read an article? With the new “Reader Mode Available,” iOS 8 users now have the chance to choose a more convenient way of reading the news. No more squinting, no more rummaging for your spectacles.

Hide Photo Feature

Do you have photos you don’t want your nosy friend to see? With the “Hide” option you can safely store your “confidential” photos without worrying someone will see them and embarrass or incriminate you. Albeit still visible in Album views, the hidden photos will not show in Moments, Collections and Years view.

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