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Ask a crowd to name a gadget for you, and you’ll most certainly get “phones” and “tablets” as replies. It’s not also rare for responders to actually name the product, such as iPhone 6 or Samsung Note. These answers aren’t surprising since these gadgets and more are swarming the market. But did you know that everyday more and more cool gizmos are being invented and launched? And these gadgets have nothing to do with the latest smartphones or laptops that people are so obsessed about.

Here are 15 exciting new gadgets that you never knew existed.

1. Pavlok –

Pavlok, according to its creators, is a breaker of bad habits. It is essentially a wearable wristband “accessory” that jolts you when you practice your bad habit. To use it effectively, you need to input the bad habit you wish to break in Pavlok’s database, and using Math and Science, the bracelet’s sensors will monitor your tasks and shock you (harmless and painless) to stop what you’re doing.

2. Smart Mat –

This gadget will be a joy for yogis or people who want to be one but are intimidated to join a yoga session. Smartmat is a kind of yoga mat that helps you progress towards the perfect yoga position. It’s basically a non-living, non-breathing personal yoga instructor that is developed to be responsive to solve yoga’s pain points.

3. AirDog –

For video capturing, the AirDog is a drone designed by a 21-person dream team. This gadget automatically follows you around to capture your every movement. A perfect gadget for active sports and animated activities. One of AirDog’s best feature is its ability to operate by itself so no more hassling your friend to take a video of you!

4. Morpher Folding Helmet –

The Morpher Folding Helmet is the new face of biking helmets. As the name denotes, it’s a helmet that is foldable, which allows cyclists to carry helmets ALL the time. With Morpher, there’s no more excuse or complaints of transporting bulky headgears.

5. Ramos Alarm Clock –

Created out of necessity, the Ramos Alarm Clock will surely wake you up. You pretty much don’t have any choice since once the alarm goes off, you need to deactivate it by entering a special code. The overall aim of this deviously charming alarm clock is to lure sleepyheads away from their bed.

6. Gogoro Smartscooter –

There are tons of scooters out there, but what makes Gogoro’s scooter different is that it’s quicker, faster, and cleaner. The Smartscooter with its full power can go up to 95 KM/H and is pollution-free. For a scooter, this one is a ride like no other.

7. ZBoard Electric Skateboard –

For skateboarding enthusiasts, this one is for you. ZBoard creators themselves swear that the ZBoard Electric Skateboard is the best one they’ve ever produced when it comes to weight-sensing and electric boards. Thanks to three years of continuous development, this Electric Skateboard is every boarder’s dream come true.

8. Bicycle Flat Tire Permanent Repair –

No more frustrations! Thanks to the permanent and super convenient “patch” and “ride” feature of this gizmo, bikers don’t have to worry about flat tires anymore. With its innovative design and functionality, you no longer need to remove the flat wheel from the bike to patch it. Just use the single-use patch cartridge and your tire is good as new.

9. Cicret Bracelet –

The Circret bracelet is the new skin tablet. With the help of the Circret app and the Circret bracelet, touchscreen is now touch-skin. This next level innovation is still under production but definitely worth the wait.

10. SKULLY AR-1 –

Another helmet ingenuity, but this around, it’s for motorcycle riders. The SKULLY AR-1 is designed to eliminate distractions and removes blind spots for a better and safer ride. DOT/ECE certified, this helmet will surely sell like hotcakes when it officially launches this coming May.

11. Flic: The Wireless Smart Button – Flic.oi

A smart, cute and highly functional button, using Flic is like flicking your unnecessary steps away. The tiny, wireless button is so smart it can be integrated with home automation tools. Find your phone and capture the perfect selfie. Flic can be pre-ordered via Indiegogo.

12. Everykey –

A wristband-key that is pretty much a universal key. With the right configurations, Everykey can bypass your passwords so you don’t have to key them in all the time. What’s more is that it can also unlock physical barriers like a car’s door, bike locks, and actual doors.

13. AMPY –

Know your body’s power to learn how to make improvements. That’s essentially what AMPY does. Worn underneath the knee when biking, strapped on the arm or leg when running, or clipped to the waist when brisk walking, AMPY will amplify your workout routines. Pre-ordering this gizmo is now open.

14. Drivebot: Fitbit for Car –

Created to help car owners save money and resources and drive faster as well, Fitbit for Car is a certified driving assistant. This cool gadget is compatible with any vehicle that has been purchased since 1996. For early bird buyers, Drivebot is giving 50% discount!

15. Eva –

This smart shower will help homeowners save money and water for up to 50% from their usual water consumption. Eva is equipped with a sensor and a timer that lets you conserve water based on your needs. The early bird specials are sold out, but its manufacturer is offering a late bird special you shouldn’t miss.

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