Let’s face it, nobody likes to work. We generally work to live not the other way round. Our working environments are not always the best of places and this begs an interesting question, what are most incredible places to work? To answer this we have compiled an incredible list of office environments around the globe!

If you are restructuring or redesigning your home office, these stunning offices will give you something to drool about.

15. Pixar

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A bright quirky and colourful array of offices is what employees will find if they are lucky enough to get a Job at Pixar. It’s no wonder that the Hollywood creations spawned from this think-tank are as entertaining as they are.

14. Fnuky

This Australian outfit is a seriously cool place to work. You would of course expect an advertising agency to have an inspired work space but this is truly inspirational. Based on a high class back drop it’s brave and a cut above the rest. It has features like Victorian chaise and gold relaxation booths and a fully stocked bar. Who wouldn’t want to work here?

Agency Tour: Fnuky (Australia) from This Ain’t No Disco on Vimeo.

13. Google

A company which boosts being the leading Internet search engine, has offices that are reflective of their identity. An employee here will find hammocks and massage parlours available for their exclusive use.

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12. Autodesk- San Francisco

This is a great place to be let alone work. These offices look over the Golden Gate Bridge. They are spacious and colourful and give the impression of an art gallery.

Photo by David Wakely

11. Cartoon Network and Turner Sports

Any child would be quite at home in this work environment. It’s basically a play area for adults. No one could possibly ever get stressed out when you have images that remind you of your childhood.

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