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Visual merchandising and retail window design is an art form. Window displays have to capture customer’s attention and interrupt their day, whilst showcasing the products in store and championing a brand. As the Halloween decals come down and snow-filled festive scenes take centre stage in our favourite store windows, it’s a good time to reflect on XXX of the best window displays of 2013.

1. Dolce and Gabbana, Milan

Dolce and Gabbana, Milan

This ‘pre fall’ window from luxury retailer Dolce and Gabbna shouldn’t work on paper – it mixes soft lace and florals with tribal elements, all within a small space. But in reality this striking display does its job, perfectly highlighting the collections and the high-end nature of the brand.

2. Selfridges, Oxford Street


In a celebration of all things British, Selfridges flagship on London’s Oxford Street went for a tounge-in-cheek approach to their windows. This display plays homage to the British weather in this scene, complete with weatherman, map of the UK and – of course – rain clouds. This eye-catching display grabbed customer attention and was a great example of brands not taking themselves too seriously.

3. Mulberry, London


Iconic British brand, Mulberry, always produces innovative window displays and this one from April 2013 is no exception. To promote their new S/S range, the display features a large white tree with oversized butterflies. This grabs the attention of passers-by, before showcasing products such as handbags and crisp white suits. Spring in a shop window!

4. Macys, NYC


Macys NYC hero’s their latest products within this window display from August 2013. The monochrome, hand-drawn backdrop sets off the clothing perfectly; allowing the pieces displayed to do all the talking. This would stand out against the busy NYC streets, and promotes the new A/W ranges.

5. American Apparel, Japan


American Apparel is one retailer that has its branding spot on. Whether shopping online, in a flagship or a concession; the consistent displays champion the label perfectly. This window display from their Japan store is now different. It features bold colour blocking against the white background, but makes it more interesting with the shape prints on the glass.

6. Topshop, London

Topshop, London

Topshop is another brand that always makes a splash with their window displays. The retailer teamed up with PETA in March 2013 for their ‘Keep Wildlife out Your Wardrobe’ display at their Oxford St. flagship. This statement window made a bold statement, whilst still championing their brand. Topshop have also been making the most of Halloween with their latest window display design.

7. Dior, Paris


Dior showcased their stunning A/W range with an equally as engaging window display at their Paris store. Set against a striking black, backdrop; the monochrome outfits were enhanced by hanging mirrored balls. With the aid of clever lighting, this display helped to champion the luxury label, without the need for overfilling the space.

8. Liberty London


To promote London Fashion Week and the work of 21 up-and-coming designers, Liberty London championed them in this eye-catching display. Marbled mannequins displayed in dynamic poses take centre stage in the window. The use of such a simple display catches customer attention, and engages with passers-by.

9. Kate Spade Saturday and eBay, NYC

Kate Spade Saturday and eBay, NYC

Kate Spade Saturday teamed up with online auction site eBay to offer a unique shopping experience. Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘window shopping’, this interactive display allowed customers to shop the store windows from their mobile phones. Couple this with the bright yellow store front and you have one iconic window display.

10. H&M, Kuwait

H&M, Kuwait

To promote their latest denim range, H&M created this eye-catching display featuring mannequins with all heads made of cotton wool, zips and denim boxes. Set against a white backdrop, the denim-clad characters are intriguing and interesting; helping to command customer attention and drive footfall in store.

11. Burberry, London


Luxury label Burberry shed their simplistic colour pallet and opted for more opulent, jewel tones in their February 2013 window display. The mirrored elements and jewel-like merchandise help to create an eye-catching almost festive display, whilst challenging what customers once thought about the brand.

12. Louis Vuitton, NYC


Showing that designer labels aren’t stuck up, this summer display from Louis Vuitton is certainly memorable and one of the best of the year. The giant gold dinosaur certainly stands out in the shop window, and would grab attention from customers all over. The comical pose from the mannequin adds to the humour of the window, whilst still highlighting the brands’ product offering.

13. John Lewis, London


UK retailer John Lewis was one of the first brands to embrace augmented reality in their store windows. These windows provided passers-by with an interactive and cinematic experience that allowed them to try out the latest smart TVs for themselves. This will have driven customers inside and encouraged them to buy, as well as creating an amazing display.

14. Liberty London


This is the second appearance for Liberty London and the second appearance for AR windows. In contrast to the John Lewis windows, these were much more subtle. Basically empty except for a table and a single product, these windows invited customers to scan them to see other products for sale. A clever way to engage with passers-by, and an innovative use of the shop window.

15. Lanvin

Marionnettes Window Display

The final window on our list comes from Lanvin back in January 2013. This display feature mannequins with masquerade masks and photo frames, creating a somewhat spooky yet opulent display. Again, this highlighted the prestige of the brand, through an alluring and interesting display.

So there you have it; 15 of the best shop window displays of 2013. With so many new techniques tried this year, it’s exciting to see where retailers will go in 2014 and where they will find inspiration for their store windows.

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