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Not all first impressions last, but without a doubt, all first impressions leave a distinguishing mark. You may reserve judgment until you see more of the end product, but make no mistake about it, first impression counts a lot. This is the reason why TV show and movie creators pay special attention to their title sequence or opening scene. Most of the time, you can get the “feel” of the show during the first 60 seconds – when the title sequence is presented to the viewers.

The title sequence includes the title of the show, its main characters, and key production people. It’s usually presented with a visual and audio concept. A title sequence can be as silly as the theme of the show or as serious and imposing. Aside from presenting the main people involved, it’s the clever, speedy way of presenting to the viewers what the show is about.

A minute or two presentation of the title sequence is often the end product of multiple meetings between the film or TV show production and designers. The right kind of lettering is debated, the right color is argued, and the right sound is deliberated. Every single design – however miniscule or quirky or commanding or out of this world – is well-thought of, discussed and planned.

You know a title sequence is a hit when it manages to capture the interest of the viewer or when it puts the audience in the right mood. You know it transcends more than just a hit when it gets its own starring role in pop culture. Just think of how just seeing these spelled letters: F.R.I.E.N.D.S can propel you to watching the many episodes of the said TV show. Or how when you hear this line, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way…” and you immediately think of the show Friends, not the title of the song or its singer.

“Friends” is just one example of the many TV shows that have an impressive and unforgettable opening sequence. Here are a few more.

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