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There probably was no better time to be starting a startup company than in 2012. Unless of course, you are planning on starting one in 2013.

This year, more startups than ever have been launched, with niche tools springing up alongside them to service their needs. The best of these tools have only been getting better as time has gone on. Allowing more and more small companies to more easily and painlessly grow their businesses.

There have been some downsides to all this growth however. Seperating the wheat from the chaff, for one, has gotten a lot harder. That is why i have gone ahead and curated some of the best of these startup tools, to help you in having the best chance of success in the coming year. I hope you enjoy the post, and find it useful!

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HeyCrowd is a super simple survey app, that allows you to more easily gain feedback from your userbase.

Most survey apps produce surveys that are off putting for users. This app makes the surveys presentable and friendly. So more of the people who see them are likely to fill them out.



Informly is an app that allows you to see all your stats from all your different services in one place.

It allows you to have a birds eye view of all the metrics that are important to your business, in an easy to digest way.



If you run a startup that needs to handle shipping, then you’ll likely love this app. It makes the handling of product shipping much less painful and is also very developer friendly.

What Postmaster basically does is provide you, the developer a wrapper that speaks to the complicated api’s of the big shipping companies. They support various languages including PHP and Ruby. So getting started is relatively simple.



Stripe is probably the easiest and most developer friendly payment handling service online. It provides a merchant account like service that you can use within your apps via their easy to use api wrappers.

They allow you to experiment alot more than you can with other payment processors because they are so flexible in terms of integration. A relatively well known user and entrepreneur Patrick McKenzie has a great write-up discussing some of the services benefits.



Intercom is a simple tool that allows you to better interact with your users as they use your site.

It allows deeper and more meaningful interaction which, if done right, can only lead to more sales and conversions.

Visual Website Optimizer


VWO is a tool that allows you to test variations of your website and determine which ones perform best.

This tool was the first to really spearhead the multi variate testing movement in online businesses, and imo we are all much better off for it.

It is also getting better every time i use it. I highly recommend this tool.



Tweaky is a simple service that allows you to spec and purchase web development work in segments as oppose to as one big contract.

It’s not easy to know what needs to be done with a project in its entirety, but oftentimes you do have some idea of what small individual tasks can be accomplished. That’s why this tool is so useful. By focusing on those inidividual tasks and getting them done one by one, you will eventually look up to find that you have completed the whole thing.



Drip is a yet to be launched app, that will allow you to better use and convert your email list.

The guy behind it, serial entrepreneur and programmer Rob Walling has had many years experience building and converting lists and will no doubt be baking those insights into this product, in a way that will benefit the users most. This looks to be one of the more exciting apps to come in the new year, for anyone who is having trouble converting their list.



Mixpanel is an analytics tool that allows you to determine and analyze the analytics that you think are important.

One of the key realisations that a lot of internet entrepreneurs had in 2012, was that not all stats matter. Some stats are just not worth focusing on, while others are tremendously important.

This is the philosophy on which Mixpanel is built. By allowing YOU to determine what stats are worth focusing on, you will have a better idea of how to ultimately improve your business.



WalkMe offers a simple way for you to create a walk thru for your users.

If you have ever had to write copy for a landing page or a ‘how it works’ page, then you know how hard it can be to create a simple explanation for the user of how to navigate your site. WalkMe as a solution may not work in all cases, but i highly recommend it. As you may find that the structure of your site lends itself to it.



Asana is a to-do / project management app done right.

I really don’t know why this app works for me, but it does. It is probably the first and only to do app that i have used continusouly since i first saw it. The guys behind it have really managed to get the right balance between simplicity and ‘just enough’ complexity to make it work.



100 Efforts allows you to better estimate how long a project is going to take, by providing you with a simple framework that makes all the variables involved in the project better to understand and predict for.



Folyo is a place to find high quality designers for apps and websites.

On most freelancing sites, you are really never going to be sure that you will get the best quality, as there are a lot of people on them who present and respond to your request well, but do not deliver on the final product. With Folyo, you can worry about that a lot less as the curation aspect is a big part of what makes this site great.



Clicky is a web analytics tool with just about all you need to analyze your site traffic.

With Clicky what you see is really what you get. It has probably, the simplest of all dashboards that i have seen for an analytics app and really just manages to get out of your way and let you see what you need to. It also has some modularity built in, so that you can customize the analytics to suit your own conversion needs.



UserTesting allows you to submit your site and get it reviewed by users who are seeing it for the first time.

You get some great insights into what works and what doesn’t via the feedback that you get from this service.



SpringMetrics is a tool that allows you to segment and interact with your customers in a way that increases your conversion.

With the ever growing trend of customer segmentation, i can only see this type of tool becoming more and more popular (and useful) in future.

Do you know of any more tools that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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