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Your corporate website is the main online representation of your business. It’s the image of your company in the eyes of new visitors, who have never done business with you before. So what do you want your company to look like?

The days when all business websites looked similar are long gone: just because you operate in a conventional and serious sphere, like finance or law, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative with your web design.

For this post, we have made a selection of fifteen various WordPress designs for business websites. Classy and traditional or original and trendy – they are all different, and there’s something for any taste and any industry.

Why Get a Ready WordPress Theme, Not Create One of Your Own?

You can go the hard way and order a custom-created theme, but get ready for the expenses and the time it will take. Predesigned WordPress themes not just look stunning – they have much more benefits than that:

Attractive Price

A design from scratch can cost you ten times more than one of these WordPress themes, to say nothing about the installation and setup cost. A ready-made design will not cost you more than a hundred dollars, and the price for installation and customization services offered is also reasonable.

Fast Installation

You don’t have to wait for a few months to finally see your new design online. It’s an out-of-the-box theme, so it will be ready to go in just a day or two, depending on how much customization you want done.

Mobile Compatibility

Many of your visitors will be using mobile devices to view your website, and if it’s non-responsive, it’s extremely inconvenient for them. With a mobile-ready design theme, your website will adapt to the screen sizes of mobile devices for the best usability and look.

Possibility to Customize

Perhaps none of the themes will be perfect for you, but with some personalization, you will get exactly what your business needs. All themes are easily customizable to meet your taste and requirements.

Licensed Images

The images in the templates are licensed, so you are free to use them on your website without worrying about copyright claims.

Hundreds of Designs to Choose From

These themes are brought to you by, the biggest online resource offering commercial designs. That means you are not limited to the fifteen templates in this collection – feel free to visit the website and look through others.

24/7 Support and Help

You will be buying a template from a reputable resource that provides round-o-clock customer support and offers optional installation and customization help.

So, let’s look through these business website designs and find the right look for your corporate web page!

Trendy Cyan – Management Company Responsive WordPress Theme


This simple brightly colored design follows the flat and big trends, and will make an up-to-date website for a management business.

Details |  Demo

Management Solutions – Management Campaigns WordPress Template


This responsive theme uses traditional colors and several bright accents to liven up the design. Informative but clean, this is a great design for a management company.

Details |  Demo

Elegant Black – IT Responsive WordPress Design


This sleek black theme with a big lightbox has an elegant look and will work well for the website of an IT company.

Details |  Demo

Pleasant Gray – Insurance Business WordPress Theme


Combining a pleasant light gray background with several shades of dusty red, this mobile-ready theme looks clean and attractive. It will make a nice website for an insurance business.

Details |  Demo

Modern White – Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Theme


With lots of white and minimum of borders and lines, this minimalistic mobile-compatible template has a clean and modern look. It’s perfect for a top-notch marketing agency.

Details |  Demo

Financial Services – Solid Investment Company WordPress Design


This big-resolution responsive design looks clean and uncluttered, even though it’s very dark. It would make a good web page for a financial firm.

Details |  Demo

Clean & Original – Management Solutions WordPress Theme


This mobile-friendly theme uses a classic color scheme, and the original lightbox makes it more eye-catching. It’s a smart choice for a management business.

Details |  Demo

Sleek Gray – Consulting Services WordPress Template


Using white and glossy gray, this mobile-compatible design has a clean and sleek look. It will be perfect for the website of a consulting company.

Details |  Demo

Subtle & Attractive – Investment Business WordPress Theme


This light and clean responsive theme is brightened up with several subdued colors, and this combination looks very attractive. It’s a nice design for an investment business.

Details |  Demo

Professional Employment – Recruiting Company WordPress Design


With lots of white and cyan accents, this big-resolution responsive theme looks light and fresh. It will make a great web page for a recruiting company.

Details |  Demo

Techy & Original – Consulting Responsive WordPress Template


The color combination of light gray and turquoise looks very pleasant, and the background gives this theme a somewhat techy look. It will be just right for the website of a consulting firm.

Details |  Demo

Effective Investment – Clean Investment Company WordPress Theme


This reserved professional-looking responsive theme is a good choice for the website of an investment business.

Details |  Demo

Stylish White – Marketing Business WordPress Design


This stylish white theme with monochrome photos and cyan accents will make a great-looking website for a marketing business.

Details |  Demo

Simple Consulting – Consulting Agency WordPress Theme


This darkly colored mobile-compatible design looks simple and tasteful. This will be the right choice for a consulting agency.

Details |  Demo

Pure White – IT WordPress Template


With an original lightbox that uses black-and-white photos and a lot of white space, this design has a pure, clean look. This is a great choice for the website of an IT business.

Details |  Demo

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