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Totally in love with the incredible greeting cards, stationery sets, and art prints that you see on websites like Etsy and Society6? It’s easier than you could imagine to create incredible looking print goods of your own with a simple design editing software along with pre-made design resources. Simply select your favorite resources and put them together with meaningful words and phrases, and voila! amazing paper goods you’ve made yourself.

It’s almost Halloween, and then shortly after Thanksgiving and the Winter holiday season will be upon us, so you can start planning DIY card projects for those holidays and everyday occasions. Today, we’re bringing you some of the best bundles of ClipArt, illustrations, and a few font bundles to help you craft amazing DIY print goods.

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1. The Big Daddy ClipArt Bundle from Create the Cut


This massive ClipArt bundle is actually a collection of 4 ClipArt bundles that have been brought together for your design use. The bundle is comprised entirely of hand-drawn elements (just like all those cool prints you would see on Etsy), and you’ll receive over 100 items in PNG format to use however you like. The bundle includes gorgeous hand drawn banners, badges, and more.

2. Handcrumb Toolkit by Gerren Lamson


If you’re looking to just get started making digital designs for print this set of digital resources is the perfect kit to help you get started. With this kit you can emphasize words or phrases with crafted background shapes or frames, highlight words or phrases with marker slashes, and much more.

3. Font Bundle #1 by On the Spot Studio


If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of handwritten typefaces, this bundle is perfect for you. You’ll receive 6 handcrafted fonts basically for the price of one! These are perfect for creating your own typography art prints, stationery, or greeting cards for everyday occasions.

4. 48 Blurred Backgrounds by Ilja Miskov


You can never have too many backgrounds that can be used for multiple projects, and this set of 48 blurred backgrounds are so simple, yet refined that you can use them for an endless amount of print projects.

5. Chevron Pattern Bundle by Something Chic Designs


Hoping to use digital papers to enhance the look of your designs? This bundle includes 90 fun and unique digital papers with chevron designs for your use in projects. It’s a great starter pack if you’re just getting into crafting invitations and greeting cards. You’ll have a variety of digital papers to choose from for your projects!

6. Holiday Pattern Papers by Holly McCaig


The winter season is nearly upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards and event invitations for all of the amazing holiday parties you’re going to throw. This set comes with 12 shabby chic papers that have a fun wintery feel to them.

7. Christmas Retro Paper Pack by Graphic Market


Is Christmas one of the big holidays for you, or do you just love the idea of the Christmas spirit? This paper pack comes with 12 retro inspired designs for you to use in crafting holiday cards and party invites.

8. Doodle Banners by Pink Pueblo


Banners are a great way of highlighting important information, showcasing something special, and also they just look awesome. This hand doodle banner pack comes with 44 images.

9. Design Elements and Flourishes by Khandishka


Having small and delicate flourishes are often the perfect and final finishing touch for paper products like stationery and invitations. This set has everything you could need to put the cherry on top of your designs.

10. 30 Handdrawn Arrows by Mangustas Goods


Arrows are another way of highlighting important information besides using a massive banner or frame. These handmade arrows are fun and will give your projects a craftsy and handmade touch.

11. 240+ Handdrawn Items Bundle by Frisk Web


This amazing bundle contains a massive set of entirely handdrawn elements like connecting words (and, or), banners, and a series of intricate ‘the’ elements. It’s perfect for crafting cool greeting cards and invitations with a handwritten style.

12. 76 ClipArt Illustrations by Claudio Gomboli


This fun and colorful set of 76 handcrafted illustrations has just the right elements to create paper goods of all types. You’ll find everything from cute images of fruit to flowers and little sea creatures.

13. 30 Textured Gradient Watercolor Backgrounds by Kimmy Design


Watercolors are incredibly romantic and delicate. These backgrounds will add the perfect touch to your DIY invitations and greeting cards. Use them in a variety of different ways, and lucky enough you have a multitude of incredible color options.

14. 71 Sports Illustrationa and ClipArt by Claudio Gomboli


Are you a big sports fan or want to advertise a little league event? Use these amazing illustrations to help your paper design have that little extra oomph!

15. 120 Handdrawn Decorative Shapes by Cruzine


Use these 120 handcrafted shapes in Illustrator and Photoshop to add extra style to your products for print. Use the banners and shapes to highlight information, and dividers to separate different content.

16. 70+ Vector Illustrations by Mia Charro


Want to add interesting characters and creative individuals to your designs? This set of over 70 vector illustrations includes people, families, groups and additional elements to help you complete any sort of design project you want to create.

17. 51 Piece Plaid Papers Pack by Shell


Having a multitude of paper packs for your designs is essential. You can use one or more than one, and easily change your designs by changing the background, or different elements with these papers.

18. 130+ Items Doodle ClipArt by Pelican Graphics


This is a fun and feminine doodle ClipArt bundle pack, and you’ll have no trouble finding use for all of the elements found here. You’ll get to use everything from cute little kitty graphics to bows and ribbons.

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