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In a world where action films are a beloved genre, there are only few people who are curious about behind the scenes of every explosion, a fuel tanker blown up on a freeway or the grenades thrown by the both sides. It’s just like people are always excited as if they are in the climax when the scene is all about the exchange of heavy gunfire. They don’t care if the guns only released fake muzzle flash.

Well, that’s what the purpose of movies; to make people entertain and not to be curious. But there are also some observant people who take every small details of a film into their consideration as if they are looking for the real and fake effects. People, who undergo such analysis, are those who have real eyes and taste in the world of film making or video editing.

One of the main ingredients of a successful action movie is the opening titles. It makes people intrigued and above all, it sets the tone of a film and serves to establish rhythm. Adobe after Effects, one of the best video editing software, is perfect to do the job. It can easily animate objects in both 2D and 3D space. If you have no reasons why you should learn adobe after effects, then you are not part of the community who belong to the world of video editing.

To lessen your burden in creating such opening titles inspired by action movies, here we showcased the best after effects templates that are ready-to-use and easy to customize in creating such action effects. If you have no budget, then you should look for free after effects templates but these premium templates are surely worth every penny.

1. Ultimate Action Promo

2. Epic Action Trailer

3. The Fast Action

4. Explosion in Hell

5. High Energy Action Pack – 3 Audio Driven Templates

6. Broken

7. Epic Action Trailer – 25 sec

8. Steel Fire

9. The Wired Trailer

10. Debris

11. Barb Wire

12. Glass Promo

13. Grunge Wall – AE CS3 Project File

14. Action Movie Trailer

15. Fast Action Trailer

16. Action Trailer

17. Action Movie Titles

18. 3D Action Screens

19. Action Movie Trailer

20. Crysis V.2

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