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The saying ‘less is more’, is something of a rule to live by in today’s society. Designers take note – a minimalistic approach now overrules the flashy gaudiness of yesteryear.

Today we find even the most simple of ideas the most endearing, and it’s becoming a noticeable trend among consumers who favor clutter-free packaging, dressed-down products, and no-fuss marketing, over which product is the shiniest, and which has the most colorful label.

Take a look at these amazing examples of simplistic packaging. They’ve turned down the loud, and obnoxious look and created products you’ll want to buy – even if it is just for the packaging.

Mr Black 


MR BLACK is a cold drip coffee liqueur from Australia that is truly in a league of its own. This award-winning product is a perfect pick thanks to its packaging. While the liqueur itself is world-renowned – if it comes in a bottle this gorgeous, do we really care what’s inside?



The X-Pen may be a pen, but it isn’t just any old pen – which is immediately noticeable by its sleek, stylish design. This felt tip pen is crafted out of machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, and its creators (a group of designers who are clearly worth their weight in gold) say it is meant to embody the ‘passion, creativity, and hard work that goes into design’. Well, we would certainly agree.

One-handed First Aid Kit by Gabriele Meldaikyte


This One-handed First Aid Kit may be everything you’ve ever dreamed of if you’re wounded and in need of a one handed assist – but it’s hard to look past its genius, simplistic design. Cute, classic, and containing all the bells and whistles a first aid kit should without bragging about it. And the packaging is so simple that you can access it with one hand. Priceless.

Undercover Pinot Noir by Ampro


Undercover Pinot Noir – the brainchild of design firm Ampro Design, was a self-promotion that allowed them to sneakily gift clients a bottle of fine pinot noir. This adorable ‘milk’ bottle is certainly a think-outside-the-box champion when it comes to simplifying packaging. Apparently their main objective was to stand out from the crowd amongst the other gifts that their clients received over the winter holiday season. Mission accomplished!

Fire Fighter Vodka by Timur Salikhov


We all love a product that says what it means, and means what it says. Well, Fire Fighter Vodka does just that. Use it in case of a party. It’s a big, red fire extinguisher, filled with thirst quenching Russian vodka. Pure class.

5 Olive Oil by Designers United


Clean and simple. 5 Olive Oil -Pure & Powerful Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This new premium quality Greek extra virgin olive oil plays on its name – where 5 stands for quintessence in olive oil, it also stands for the five principles of stunningly minimal packaging. Keep. It. Simple. Fresh. Crisp and Clean.

Mel de Cal Milio – Simply Beautiful Spanish Honey


Mel de Cal Milio – Simply Beautiful Spanish Honey. And might we add simply beautiful packaging too? Simple and a little bit sultry, with a lovely play on the origin of the honey with the design of the label.

Zen Perfume by Good Creative Marketing PR (Russian)


Zen Perfume -scents that are inspired by nature. Ah, we see what you’ve done here – and we love it. Delicate products of Mother Nature are seamlessly incorporated into each perfume bottle design, so you are literally one with nature when using these perfumes. These also make for beautiful ornaments even after the scent is gone. Nature for keeps.

Pluto by Bang & Olufsen


This minimal package design for skincare brand, Pluto by Bang & Olufsen is a brilliant reflection of everything that’s within the bottle. Simple, sleek skincare.

Selfridges Tea by Noreen Khan and Lewis Moberly


Selfridges Tea is a cheerful celebration of minimalistic packaging. Colourful, yet not overpowering, these gorgeous paper bags are a treat fit for any tea party.

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