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Have you ever seen a boring plain web background that does not create a mood for your design? I mentioned about web background because web background pattern is important for a website. It should match with your website design theme while creating a nice mood and tone for the website. If a website is attractive and fun to read, I will most likely visit it over and over again. Seeing the design that satisfies my taste is very pleasing.

Eye candy is very important, you might lose viewer because you design does not = the content quality. Being smart and combining beautiful design along with informative material is the key to a readers heart! The following design freebies are absolutely free without any hidden fees. We understand that your time is very important, so we went ahead and only searched for premium quality patterns. Without further ado we present to you web background patterns that will help you match your theme and improve your website’s look.

Note: All of the headings/images are linked directly to the download page. Deviantart patterns have the download link located in the mid right sidebar.

Cross Pixel Patterns

Abstract Tileable Patterns

Pixel Pattern Set

Textured Stripes- 6 patterns

Pineapple Cut

Project Papper

Seamless ornament pattern (Free PNG)

Paper Pattern 2.0

Pattern 9

Notorious Pixels

Pattern Pack – Halftones

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