On/off, left/right, up/down, start/stop the list goes on and on. We are naturally used to make these action based decisions on a daily basis. Presently, applications are used like a second nature and are mostly dictated by user interface. User interface design has grown dramatically over the last decade. Software companies are more than ever in need of great ui designers. Why? Simple, because if your app is ugly and complex nobody will pay money to use it…..Even if it’s free.

Apart from having a good idea on a problem you are going to solve design, speed, efficiency, and usability are all pieces of a puzzle. According to Mashable, global Internet traffic is expected to quadruple by 2015. That’s a pretty exiting/scary thought. Readying up for the traffic and users is a must. You cannot sleep while there’s a tiger in the room, just like you can’t afford to have missed opportunities.

Not that you have a basic understanding, it’s time to get inspired by some ui based switch designs! Apps have many options and setting. It’s bad enough when a user has to take their own time to go turn off a feature manually. The least you can do, is to make that experience pleasing. Voice recognition software will get better in the future, thus allowing us to tell the phone what to do. Until then, having beautiful switch design is important.

Red On / Off Switch

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Clean Switches

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Clean Metal Switches

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Damaged Metal Switch

On Off Switch

Plastic Switch

Graph Type Switch

Toggle Switch

Slide Switch

Switches – On Off

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