Rayguns are typically known as fictional direct-energy weapons. In general they are widely appreciated trhoughtout the Science Fiction community. When fired, the raygun ususally transmits a visible ray that can lethaly hurt a human being. The destructive mechanism of the weapon suggests that it would be the most powerful single handed weapon if it existed.

By know you might have heard of the best selling video game in history: Call of Duty Black Ops. This version of Call of Duty was created by Treyarch. Treyarch is a game development company under Activision’s wing. Every other year they make a new Call of Duty game. Ever since Call of Duty World at War, they have included a fun multiplayer game mode call Zombies. In the game you kill Nazi Zombies, meanwhile upgrading  your weapons and unlocking new parts of the map.

Now that you have a brief overview, let me explain how it relates to rayguns. Throughout the game you have mystery boxes that give you a randomized weapon each time they are activated. One of the most powerful weapons you can score is the raygun. This raygun shoots green colored rays that destroy zombies in almost one shot. The idea to place this gun in the game is brilliant and adds uniqueness to the experience.

So why did I mention the whole Call of Duty thing before we jumped in? Because I honestly think that the gamers who have experinced the Zombie game-mode, are most likely going to enjoy these creative design concepts. I first ran into Raygun52 project back when it started. Having to wait a large amount of weeks, I decided to dedicate an article later in the future. Today we have finally managed to showcase 20 solid examples of raygun concepts for you to enjoy. Raygun52 is a creative project that is best described in their own words.

My name is [REDACTED – will henceforth be recognized as ‘Bishop’] and I am writing on behalf of [REDACTED – will hencefoth be recognized as ‘The Company’]. With the recent passage of the 2257 United Sea of Tranquility Arms Control Act, The Company is no longer permitted to contract designers to concept its weaponry. The USoT public has unfortunately decreed that visually pleasing weaponry is to be frowned upon.

However, with the recent discovery of limited time travel and the USoT’s failure to regulate it, we are able to seek help from your time. The Company asks that you create a public forum to collect original concepts for our energy-based weaponry. Without attractive arms, The Company has had a difficult time fulfilling military and civilian arms contracts.

We expect that the USoT will pass time travel regulatory measures in one year, at which point I will likely no longer be permitted to collect submissions from the public forum you create. In order to keep time transmissions to a minimum, we ask that you, Alex Griendling, handle day-to-day operations of the forum.

While we cannot directly reward you and your fellow designers for your collective efforts, know that any descendents of said designers will be aptly compensated in 2258.

You can clearly tell from the passage above that the fiction story is alarmingly cool. We support this project 100% and we strongly think you should visit them weekly for new designs. If you wish to see the list of artists participating, check out the Contributors Page. Without further interruptions, we hope that you will enjoy this unique collection of raygun concepts!

Note: All of the images are linked to their designated page.

1. EA Mark27 “The Percolator” by Emory Allen

2. Gemerald Blaster by Zac Neulieb

3. HAN-11 by Travis Olson

4. The Solar Stinger by Sam Sellers

5. GLORBRAY by Joey Ellis

6. The Peacekeeper by Ross Bruggink

7. The Prodigal Son by David Sizemore

8. Jalalabog 52 by Victor Vasquez

9. TCAR-2258 “The Cluster Cannon” by Evan Stremke

10. Type 40 Sonic Blaster by Trevor Basset

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