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Driving sales is an essential part of any business, so it’s pretty obvious that packaging would become the key industry that it has become. How else should customers decide to pick your products above all other options presented to them? Take a look at some exquisite packaging designs that showcase the level of finesse that is required when wanting to make a difference:

Babees Honey

1. babees honey

More often than not, it’s simplicity that turns a good design into a truly exceptional one. For instance, these honey jars are absolutely exquisite in their color choice and simplicity.

Gnome Bread-hat

2. gnome bread-hat

Buying bread has become truly mundane, yet from time to time, clever designers can make even this unavoidable task enjoyable. Lo Siento Studio managed to transform a bread bag into a story with their one-of-a-kind design.

Fruity Juice Containers

3. fruity juice containers

Food always tastes better when it’s visually inviting, so why shouldn’t juice benefit the same treatment? These tiny juice containers are absolutely adorable since they look just like sweet, succulent slices of fruit.

Modern Headphone Design

4. headphone packaging

These futuristic-looking packages are simply to-die-for. Designed by AIAIAI, these seemingly simple headphones are presented in a nigh-irresistible fashion.

Yummy Ice Cream Packaging

5. yummy ice packaging

There are few of us who truly can say that they would prefer eating fruit instead of ice cream. Even so, the luscious texture of ice cream has rarely been paired-up with such a clever packaging design. Colorful, cartoonish and inviting, these designs are truly inviting.

Handyman’s Screwdriver Kit

6. handyman's screwdriver pack

Utility is an essential factor of a successful design, and in this particular case, it’s safe to assume that the designers managed to perfectly include it into this screwdriver kit. Men care for easy-to-use, practical things and a portable tool box seems downright ingenious. So if you can’t carry your screwdriver kit home, what’s the point in buying it in the first place?

Mixed-emotions Vodka

7. mixed-emotions vodka

There truthfully are few creative ways in which to present certain items. Take alcohol: scotch is scotch and vodka is vodka. The liquid is either caramel-brown or crystal-clear. But that takes the mystery out of the concoction. Yet with these emotion-inspired packages, a buyer is sure to take a moment and ponder his decision.

TeaPee Herbal Teas

8. American TeaPee Herbal Teas

Granted, the name does inspire the design, but even so, this eloquently clean design is stunning and inviting. More importantly, the tea bags themselves are also constructed as tiny pyramids so as to mirror the packaging design.

Sweet Caramel Packaging Style

9. caramel packaging

The thing about caramels is that they remind us of our childhood. We craved these sweet treats and often bought them at family-run stores in simple, tiny paper bags. So Karamelleriet employed the help of Bessermachen to better reflect the handmade aesthetic of their product. In the end, they achieved this simply irresistible design that takes us back to our younger, caramel-filled days.

Mini Oliva Olive Oil

10. mini oliva olive oil

Mini Oliva have accomplished a truly remarkable thing: they have successfully refuted the well-known saying that “size matters” with their mini olive-oil packages. Salads on-the-go are simply more appealing then accompanied by such a well-designed dressing.

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