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Breakfast Package

11. breakfast package

Niklas Hessman may have taken the word “breakfast” somewhat literally. In so doing, he managed to design a simple oatmeal package that needs to be broken (and rather fast) in order to be consumed.

Festina Waterproof Watches

12. festina waterproof watches

Nowadays, companies can’t only be ingenious: they have to be bold as well. So if you’re selling a product that was engineered for water (as Festina claims), why not show off its water-repelling capabilities? That’s precisely why the watch manufacturer decided to place its watches in water-filled bags.

Nike Air Kicks

13. nike air kicks

Since we’re on the topic of elements and have already discussed water, let’s hop on over to Nike, a company that takes pride in kicks that make you feel as if you were walking on air. So they decided to package the product accordingly. With the use of this clever design encompassing air-filled plastic bags, Nike successfully conveys the idea of light and comfortable. Shipping is also that much safer.

Interactive Vodka Bottle

14. smirnoff peelable bottle

A great design is also interactive and Smirnoff nailed this one with the help of J Walter Thompson, world renowned designer. He ingeniously incorporated the idea of fruit into the product’s design, so that consumers are clear on what fruit flavor they are choosing.

Butterfly Tea Bags

15. butterfly tea bags

Yena Lee is the designer responsible for this sublimely delicate packaging idea. The idea behind the concept is quite simple: great-tasting tea will always be on a consumer’s shopping list, yet for special occasions, having such a neatly-packaged product will always come in handy.

Scratch: Stigma-free Ready Meal

16. meals from scratch

When Phil Pinnell started Scratch, he thought about our busy schedules and lack of time. Preparing a healthy meal is, for most hard-working adults, both frustrating and difficult. That’s how Scratch was born: a deliciously simple solution to a rather difficult task. Everything is cooked in under 8 minutes. Guilt free and effortlessly.

Pistachio Packaging

17. pistachio packaging

Function and user satisfaction are key factors when designing a ready-to-use product such as this pistachio pack. Maija Rozenfelde, the designer responsible for this sweet and inviting product, drew inspiration from the delicious pistachio nuts contained within.

Nike Football Stadium Shoe Box

18. nike shoe box

We have to admit that Nike simply deserves the reputation it currently has. This soccer supporter incorporated an unmatched love of the sport when it came up with the 2007 Cannes-Lion stadium shoe box design. Granted, there was only a limited number of shoe boxes that customers could purchase, but they encompassed everything from the stadium itself to the shouting fans.

Dovely Tea

Dovely Tea

Dovely Tea is part of a line of handmade gift goods designed to be a unique and memorable. “The package is hand made, using letterpress, silkscreen and stamping techniques and then hand assembled including the origami tea bags.”

Bloom Chips

19. bloom chips

Snacking is just one of those things that you simply don’t kid around with. That’s why Bloom Chips came up with a packaging solution that doubles as a chip bowl. The package simply fans out when the ring is removed.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of attractive packaging, one thing is clear: it’s a necessary evil. So why not make things fun with a creative concept that’s bound to cause joy?

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