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Would you agree that the space you are working in affects your productivity as well? Of course it does! Although people have different preferences when it comes to style specifics, everybody would attest to the fact that the way the desk is arranged, the amount of clutter on it, and even the décor that surrounds it would either help people focus more on their work, or distract them from it.

Setting a Minimalist Tone

This is why it is so important to pay close attention to the things that distract you, so that you could at least have a chance to avoid the things that ruin your daily productivity. Especially for freelancers who work from their own homes, setting the mood to accomplish as much as you can (and as an end result, earn as much as you can) would always be up to you.

This is where minimalism comes in. Minimalism works best for those who believe that extra clutter on their desk would also be synonymous to extra clutter in their brain. The less they see, the less distractions they also have. A minimalist work space could pave the way to better performance, better numbers, and better earnings. Especially if you’ve been in a professional slump lately, a minimal home office design could be just the thing to get your creative juices flowing again.

Minimalism doesn’t always mean that you would have to buy slimmer furniture or get rid of your entire setup altogether. Sometimes, it could also mean just rearranging your workspace so that nothing gets in the way of your natural movement. You’ll see in the examples give later on how minimalist office designs could mean making the most out of what you already have. Again, it’s all about getting rid of the existing clutter, and not replacing them with slimmer and more space saving ones.

Inspiring Minimalist Home Office Designs

Imagine how it would feel like to work at any of the spaces you see below. Would the amount of space around you be maddening? Or would these serve as inspiration on how you would arrange your own desk? Regardless of whether you think these designs would help you work or not, there is still no doubt that these home office design ideas are truly creative.

Here are some home office designs that take a minimalist approach. Take notes on what factors you would like to apply to your own workspace as well.


david hellmann

inspirational workspace

Hoke Residence

Glass Windows

Dream Wowrkspace

Minimal Window Desk


Minimal Morning

stellar workspace

lover of art

simple and functional

Elegant simplicity

integrated workspace in an apartment

Stellar workspace setup by OYOY Interior Design of Denmark

elegant minimal workspace.


zen workspace

integrated workspace

Swedish bedroom workspace

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