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Fashion is one of the biggest industries for advertising on billboards, TV, Internet and pretty much anywhere else they can get their hands on to advertise. Can you blame them? Ladies and men worldwide are very into fashion and their designer brands, it’s such a huge growing market, especially for companies buying wholesale fashion.

Everyone wants to look good these days, well OK I take that back – not everyone, but there is a majority that do appreciate luxury brands, matching them together with other items and the most important part, the price that comes along with. The only downside about buying expensive brands such as Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and more, these certain designer brands are classified as “luxury” therefore come with a big price tag.

Take a look below for a collection of fashion print ads that stand-out from the rest and really sexy.

American Apparel

Calik Denim


Funky Cold Medina

Energie Shoes

Uniform Jeans

Vogele Shoes

Deichmann Graceland

Harvey Nichols

Keen Utility

Posted by Adam Davis

Adam Davis is a copywriter for and writes the descriptions for their Calvin Klein products. You can find him on his days off in his local library or coffee shop reading books.

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