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Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady known for her silly side projects and occasional foul mouth. She grew up in Pennsylvania, raised by two non-creatives that decided it would be OK to let their little girl pursue a seemingly impractical career. Jessica ended up attending a wonderful art school and fell in love with every artistic discipline Freshman and Sophomore year. Hische declared as a Graphic Design major when she found herself procrastiworking on painting projects to work on posters and identities.

In 2006 Jessica graduated and landed a job as a freelance designer for a little studio in Philadelphia where she helped design fancy books and re-affirmed her passion for illustration and image-making. By winter, unsure if they wanted to take on another full-time employee, her hours were cut and she decided to put together an illustration promo to get freelance work. That promo ended up landing Jess an illustration rep position in Brooklyn. After two and a half years of very little sleep and a lot of lettering, freelance work began overwhelming her life and the desire to do side projects became too much to bear.

Jessica choose to venture out on her own and take freelance work on a serious scale. Currently Jessica resides in San Francisco, and continue to do freelance work for many big name clients. We hope that you have enjoyed her short and sweet story. Enjoy!

Note: All Rights Reserved by Jessica Hische.

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