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Hopping on a plane isn’t as glamorous as it used to be. With budget airlines cutting out the luxuries, the desired comforts and even some basic necessities, the journey to your destination can often be something you dread. Fear not, however, the skies still have style. We take a look at the chic, the bold and the downright gorgeous in airplane design. Enjoy!

Piaggio Avanti


The Piaggio Avanti wears its Ferrari badge with decadent pride. This small but perfectly formed Italian beauty offers an environmentally friendly ride, burning 40% less fuel than comparative jets.

Learjet 35


This classic Bombardier Learjet, owned by American Resources, has a beautifully rendered exterior paint job.

Boeing Business Jet 727-200


With timeless design, the Boeing Business Jets are favoured by royalty, heads of state and VIPs, pretty much anyone who needs a lot of legroom.

Embraer Lineage 1000


The elegant Lineage is modest in its majesty, quietly stylish and a break from the gaudy jets of billionaires.

Bombardier Global Express


This lean, mean flying machine has a top speed of 600mph and quite possibly the most beautifully moulded wings in modern aviation. This is actually Oprah’s plane.

Dassault Falcon 900


It looks like it could get to space, and with its sibling the Falcon 7X, it is the only trijet in production. Out of this world!



You are duty-bound to play the Top Gun soundtrack whilst travelling in the long awaited HondaJet. It has twin over-the-wing podded engines. Ultra light and ultra stylish,

Complementary Transport


Matching handbags and shoes is out, matching your plane and car is the new craze. Black is still the new black.

Full size Living Room


This beautiful Art Deco inspired room could be a drawing room in a large townhouse.

Best Cinema


Cinema rooms aren’t uncommon on private planes, but the sunken lounge effect here is really striking.

Mood Lighting


BMW and Airbus met and had a lovechild – this beautiful night-time cabin lighting. Reminiscent of the magic ceiling of Hogwart’s Great Hall (ask a child).

Ultimate Bathroom


Could this be the coolest bathroom ever, let alone on a plane? This hotel suite on a plane is the ultimate mile high club.

NYC Nights


Trendy colours that look like the interior of a New York nightclub! So the party can start on the plane there.

Calm the Nerves


This interior is inspired by Minimalism and the Orient. Anyone afraid of flying would be slightly calmer in this zen-like environment.

Compact Comfort


Being tight on space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design and comfort. The use of mirrors and slight partitioning can create an illusion of space.

Open Plan


The future of aviation interior design is definitely veering towards the open plan, with a big focus on entertainment.



If it’s a private jet, it doesn’t matter if the walls are glass! Some well-placed curtains will help any privacy issues.

Panoramic Views


And if the walls can be glass – why not the roof too? This is how Airbus envisions air travel in 2050. This would be the next great aviation breakthrough. It will make flying really exciting again.



A balcony on a plane sounds a little far-fetched, but bear with us. This is for when you’ve landed, hopefully somewhere beautiful and more scenic than Luton Airport.

The Half Billion Dollar Plane


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia $320m Airbus 380 has had $176m of modifications including a cinema, a gym, a garage, multiple suites and a lift that takes you from the top level of the plane right down to the tarmac.

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These awe inspiring images of gorgeous airplane designs were compiled by luxury hoteliers, Swissotel.

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